Friday, July 24, 2009

Vintage : (

Here's the thing..... I LOVE vintage clothing, but its soo hard to find good vintage pieces. When I say good, I mean

1. Clean (for its age!)
2. In tack (or wit fixable flaws)
3. Made of nice fabric (no burlap sack material!)
4. Able to look modern with the right styling

Maybe it's my location, but whenever I visit a vintage shop I leave disappointed. Sure, I've found a couple of earrings (clip-ons, which I love), and one Audrey Hepburn inspired dress, but lately I haven't been seeing anything acceptable. I want classy, valuable pieces... not your grandmother's old smock circa 1963!

I LOVE cocktail rings, and I'm trying 2 find some vintage 1s. No Luck! Well, actually I did find one that was pretty cute. It had personality, but the price was not right. I don't even think it was all the way real! I'll get it on payday!

Where can I find good vintage? I need to move to NY or LA I guess.

Vintage Pucci, ain't it GRAND!

Rachel Zoe, that lucky son of a fashionista!
Ahhhh. Vintage Heaven... where all the old fabulous clothes go to rest until they are bought into a new life!

I have BIG dreams! Those were a little out of my price range, but this I could afford... the jacket

LOVE the boots, purse, and jacket!
The background looks like NY...figures


  1. good vintage stores in Buffalo either, plus I'm petite so whenever I shop in a vintage store in Buffalo everything drowns me.

  2. Girl, u can easily hop ova to NYC! I would if I was closer. But yea, I know how it is, I'm tiny 2!

  3. I LOVE vintage shopping. Where I went to school at there were little shops with old pieces that were soooo bad (in a good way of course). Hopefully I can get up to NYC to go shopping there.

  4. lol Buffalo is actually eight hours away from NYC! By car that is...its ok though all non-New York Staters think we are really close, I wish we were.

  5. Yea, I knew I was being a lil naive, but 8 hrs... thats crazy. Is NY really that big? O well!!

  6. I like ur page. It definately shows u. I just started mine so I'm working on it. Keep on being fly sista