Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Real Woman?

So I was watching TV the other day (a talk show), and they had people from the studio audience modeling some clothes. One model came out and she was "plus size" but not HUGE... just not thin. So the host says, this is Holly... She's a real woman, with real curves.

This sort-of thing irks me. It kinda gets under my skin when big girls are labeled "real women." What does that make me...FAKE? Umm, I think not. I'm as real as it gets.

I don't have huge curvy hips or a stomach billowing out of my pants. I just have a high metabolism. This is the way I am naturally. Just because I'm thin, it doesn't mean I'm plastic. I eat just as much as an overweight girl, maybe even more, cause I can get away with it. SIDEBAR: I am tryna eat healthier now-a-days tho. Tryna stay diabetes free!

But back to my rage: I AM A REAL WOMAN. Women of all sizes should feel comfortable in their skin, but let's not categorize ourselves. I dream of a day when women are judged, NOT by the size of their jeans, but by the content of their character!!!! MLK reference there. Hahaha, I needed to laugh and get this off my chest.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. Did you know that after all her ranting and raving about SKINNY BITCHES; Monique is losing weight. She says she is doing it for her husband, who is concerned about her health, but WHATEVER. I still love her tho. No matter how much she was against ladies of a thin stature. No matter how much of a hypocrite she seems to be now. She is still funny as all get out!


40 lbs. lighter

P.S.S her hubby is cute!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reach Magazine TV

So its been a while, but I met a lot of people at the MAGIC tradeshow in Vegas....

These are some pretty cool people that will be hosting an up-and-coming TV show. Reach Magazine TV is a mix between pop culture and religion in my words. The hosts described the purpose of the show as "to "touch one life" with our show and to inspire youth that with God you are capable of Greatness!" James "J" Love is to the left; Sherrie-Marlene in the middle; and J.O. is on the right. Me; didn't look so hot in this pic. Wasn't really ready, but its OK! Anyway, they are each individual artists. J-Love has recorded some of mixtapes and Sherrie is an up and coming gospel/ r & b singer.

I like the concept of this show, particularly because of the message it provides. I think that we (in general society) get so caught up on material things and peer perceptions that we lose focus on our religion, and our spiritual lives and goals. These are things we should hold precedent to getting the latest clothes, 'chillin' with friends, or going to the hottest parties. One of the main things I am focusing on in my 'O so busy life' is growing in faith and gaining a stronger sense of spirituality. Life is so busy, and I sometimes forget to focus on GOD. Watching this show will help keep me focus on what is really important, while entertaining me with the latest in pop culture (music, celebrity interviews, etc.)!!

The show premiers November 2nd on JCTV. Catch it every Mondays at 7 p.m!
If you would like to hear more about Reach Magazine TV, visit the website: reachmagazinetv.com

They were a friendly bunch so I decided to shout them out on my blog. Wish you guys the best of luck in your budding careers!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Fashion

If u didn't know....today is the first day of Fall.

I'm so happy. I love fall fashion. It's soooo HOT in summer. I hardly want to wear clothes at all!! LOL.

But now I can wear my boots and jackets; I love layering!

Anyway, I thought I'd post a Fall fashion alert! Here are some of the trends of the season...

Houndstooth: It's back AGAIN

Draping: From clothes to SHOES to jewelry!!

BIG bows: Hmm, I'm kinda over the whole bow-thing, but I'll probably buy something with a bow on it...ain't gonna lie!

80's rocker look:

Kisses...Yeah, actual kisses or lips:

Menswear (for women): Nothing new, we've been doing that:

Royalty & Opulence (which, by the way, is my new favorite word!):

FUR!!! (PETA, don't get me):

Leopard print. OMG, I just bought a leopard print skirt while in NYC!:


Well, that was a lot of pictures. I'm pooped!
Enjoy Fall fashion friends!
P.S. Guys can follow these trends too. Just in GUY clothes! Actually, if you like to dress up in women's fashion... enjoy that too!! I don't discriminate.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charlotte, NC Fashion Week...Yeah it exists!!

Who knew the Queen City had a fashion week! I say (all the time) that Charlotte is the new Atlanta. It has really been blossoming into a powerful metropolitan area in the last few years, but I was completely jarred when I found out that this past week was Charlotte's "fashion week." Yeah but you can tell the city is still growing when fashion "week" lasts only three days. It was more like fashion weekend, but we all have to start somewhere! Also this is only it's second year in existence.

The shows ran from Thursday September 10th-Saturday September 12th at the Mint Museum. I found out Friday night, so I was only able to catch the Saturday show. I'm glad I made it though. If it's fashion, I'm there; and you don't get too much of it in Charlotte.

The Clothes.
Honestly, I wasn't wowed by the clothes. Some were good, but not what I would call high fashion. I had to keep telling myself, "this isn't New York fashion week." Almost all of the clothes were made well. There was one company that sent some puckered seams down the runway. Their line was more about the scarfs than the actual dresses but, in a runway show, the entire look MUST be styled and sewn well. There might have been some better fashion on Thursday & Friday that I missed. ???

Meet the models.
I must be honest and say the I was more wowed by the models, than the clothes they were wearing! Make-up was done by MAC cosmetics, and hair was done by Varji Varji Salon.

This is Jessica (age: 22); represented by E agency. When she walked the runway, I was like "I know her from somewhere." Turns out she used to work at one of my favorites stores.
Anyway, her favorite beauty product is mineral make-up by Mica Bella. I have some of their eyeshadow, and I really like it too!

This is Daira (age: 15). I think she modeled in the bridal wear segment, which I arrived late to : / !! She was very cute and sweet! Obviously young. She models for an agency called Ice. Her favorite beauty product is Colossal mascara by Maybelline. Maybe she's born w/it, Maybe it's Maybelline. Ha Ha

These were some models in bridal "couture." Not my idea of couture, but it fits the definition. Custom-made and fashion forward. Hey, it's Charlotte... not NY!
This is me with the director of Charlotte, NC Fashion Week, Anthony Simons. His companies (Networkz2000 & Plitzs Fashion Marketing) began the annual show last year, and plan to continually grow the event. Please believe I got the card. Must keep networking game up!
So, next year I plan to attend and work the event IF I'm not doing anything better! I could probably model as well. Hell, I could definitely fit in with the models I saw! We'll see what happens...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can't Wait!

We all know that I'm a fan of FASHION, and want to work in the industry eventually, so you know I can't wait to see this movie. The September Issue.  To the average American, I guess it would seem like "just another movie about fashion." But to me, it's a new outlet exposing me to my future. I'll use it as a learning tool! September 11th is the date. 1 day after NY fashion week begins. Wish I could be there. I actually arrive in NYC the day fashion week ends. Sucks, but I'll still have fun!

Anyways, here is the trailer. Go see it...If not I'll see it for you. K!

Oh yea, I got the september issue of Vogue... Did you?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearlessly Pursuing My Passion

So, I went 2 Vegas for a vacation, but my trip was primarily planned around the MAGIC marketplace.

No, not Abra Cadabra magic , I'm speaking of the fashion and apparel tradeshow called MAGIC. Originally meaning "Men’s Apparel Guild in California," and eventually gaining women's apparel in 1995 amid its partnership with WWD (Women's Wear Daily trade publication).

Basically MAGIC brings international buyers and vendors of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, footwear, accessories and sourcing resources together in a venue to trade.

Had to find a way in since I couldn't volunteer like I wanted to, and it was a struggle. You are only allowed to register if you are with a company that is buying or selling at the event. Me, I was just trying to be in the environment to soak up all the information and contacts that I could. I won't say how I got registered, but just know I did! I will, however, send shouts to my new friends. Thanks for the help, Smooches!!

Once I got in it was like a wonderful dream. I felt like a kid in a candy shoppe with all the pretty things around me. The brands, the beauty, the merchandising, the fabulous people, the FREE stuff. OMGGG! Yea, it was great. These are a coupe of booths.

TIME 2 GET DOWN 2 BUSINESS!! I definitely worked my networking skills; got a few contacts. Actually, I got a lot of contacts, but I will follow up on a few good ones! I also met others like myself, very few though, that were trying to break into this crazy industry.

I attended some industry seminars that were complimentary for registered attendees. Learned some good things.

On the last day, many vendors did samples sales. OOOooo, I'm piddling in my panties just thinking about it!! I bought SOOOoooo many accessories. Like 6 pair of sunglasses, and some amazing jewelry. Too bad the clothing brands weren't sampling, I would have dropped even more cash. For that reason, I'm glad they weren't!

People watching was also a fun experience from the tradeshow. Everyone had their own personal style and since this was an event rooted in fashion, most people were dressed to the T.

Anyway, the lesson to learn from this (if there is one at all) is to go for what you want. Continue to put yourself out there, and eventually you will achieve your greatest goals. Of course, I'm not there yet, but I'm one step closer!!

Tao Asian Bistro

Located in the Venetian Hotel/Casino on the Vegas Strip. Las Vegas, NV

Atmosphere: Very modern, yet classic Asian theme. Wonderful walk-way/ foyer entrance. Large, gorgeous statues. Hues of Burgundy, brown and black. Chic, very chic. Huge lamps hanging from the ceilings. Perfectly dimmed lighting. Once getting into the dining area the tables were a little closer together than I expected, but not bad. Overall, very ZEN! ----> Me in the entrance.

Initial Treatment: We were taken to our table at the same time as another couple that arrived just after us. We were seated directly in front of the kitchen, and the other couple was taken to another, more reasonably placed, table. That was kinda fishy. We requested another table, and were taken upstairs to a better location.

Server: Very nice, explained the bulk of the menu.

Pricing: SUPER expensive, but that was expected since this is a very nice, well-known hotel on the Vegas strip. I remember seeing some celebrity, or maybe it was a reality star, go there on TV before; so I know it's well known.

Food: Glass of Sake: $11
          Wasabi crusted filet mignon (a la carte), served w/ 3 onion rings as garnish:
          Vegetable fried rice: $12
The steak was delicious, and it better have been for that price! Very moist, and seasoned just enough to take it beyond your average steak. Food came out VERY quickly after ordering (PLUS, PLUS). Yummy chocolate fortune cookies came with the check. I love fortune cookies!!

Sidebar: Went to the bakery in the Bellagio hotel/casino for dessert. It's gorgeous in there. They make the best crapes.

Recommendation: If you make it to Vegas, go to Tao for a great Asian meal, wonderful atmosphere and good service.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm in VEGAS baby!!!

Just stopping by to share my JOY!!
I'm soo happy to be experiencing this very needed VACAY!!
However, I am also working while here.
Can't STOP, Won't STOP.
Details coming soon!
Let me get 2 BED!!