Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You know what REALLY grinds my gears???

When I splurge on something cool, and then see an imitation at some store like Forever 21!!

Now, I am a true frugalista, meaning I know a good bargain and I take advantage of them regularly!!

However, I also like quality in my clothing, so I try to find deals on nice things.

Lately, Nordstron has become one of my favorite stores.  I was there yesterday....impulse shopping!!

A few months ago, I purchased these babies at Nordstrom.

Jessica Simpson
They look great on, and it's a great shoe for bar-hoping, clubbin, or just a fun night out!

They were approx. $85 on sale. Usually I won't pay that much for a Jessica Simpson shoe, b/c you can get them at Marshalls and on sales at Department stores, like Macy's.  However, I really wanted them so...purchased : )

When I was in NY for fashion week, I made a trip to Century 21, which has discounted designer clothing and such.... I saw the same shoe for approx. $68.  Wasn't too upset, because by that time I had mine for a couple months.

THEN, the other night I was at a local mall and decided to stop in Charlotte Russe, a store similar to Forever 21 or Wet Seal. I don't usually shop Charlotte Russe because I know 1.) a lot of things don't meet my 'quality' standards & 2) I know that a lot of girls shop there, and the last thing I wanna do is be running around in something everyone has or everyone knows where I got it! Ya dig? No offense to Charlotte Russe shoppers. I did buy some bracelettes from there, and I shop Forever 21, but you get my drift!

Anyway while I was there I saw these...

This is Charlotte Russe's version of my Jessica Simpson shoe (in white). UGHHHHhhhh!!
At FULL PRICE, they are only $14.99 or $29.99 (I can't remember!).

Grrrrr! Makes me mad! I can just see me out and some lil' girl saying "Cute shoes! Did you get them from Charlotte Russe?" My reply would be: "Umm...NO!"

I mean the Charlotte Russe version is OBVIOUSLY not leather, or of the same quality as my Jess. Simp's, but some people can't tell the difference!

LOL, just venting!

This happens all the time i.e. This Steve Madden situation.

I knew this was a BAD idea!

If you missed the Spring 2010 Chanel runway show, please click here to view it!

Ok so you know that clogs were a major trend via Chanel.

Clogs can be done cute & quirky as seen in the Chanel show, but in the wrong hands they can go SO wrong. Unfortunately, many of us have the wrong hands for clogs. I am not feeling this trickled-down version of clogs that were displayed in the Teen Vogue March issue.

Icky, Icky, Yuck, Yuck!!

Please stop the madness. Clogs are NOT cool... especially for Spring...especially when they are made of rain boot material and are purple with polka-dots!
I think the Chanel clogs are cute, and the high heels make them more fashionable!
What has happened in this Teen Vogue issue, however, is that people saw this runway trend and it is now trickling down to ready-to-wear and moderately priced versions. During the trickle-down process, designs are often altered. I'm not feeling these alterations.

Please don't fall for the idea that clogs, just any kinda clogs, are cute just because they are 'trendy' right now.  If you find some that are actually it out & more power to you. BUT, please don't fall victim to this trend.

Here is former model/tv host, Alexa Chung, rocking clogs.

She looks great. I kinda feel like she just did this because it was a trend on the Chanel she may not have done this before! Buy hey, that's fashion!!

Have fun with it, but PLEASE don't fall victim!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I spotted this pic of June Ambrose, celeb stylist, a few weeks ago rocking this ultra-chic turban, and it struck a nerve.

Then I saw this image in a BCBGMaxazria catalog, that I recieved today.
(Sorry for lack of image sharpness)
Are turbans back from the 30's-50's era?? I sure hope so! So chic.
You must be bold to wear one, though. So many of us hide behind the safety of our hair.  If we don't have enough, we add more. To cover most, if not all of the hair, and reveal the features of the face is a bold move. It seems now, however, the modern girl's turban is worn with her hair down in the back or showing in some way. Us modern girls love our locks!

Either way, I'm all for it  = D
I think I NEED a turban!

; )


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Room for 1 more??!

Ok so....I follow Paris Hilton on Twitter. LOL, why you ask?? IDK, just thought it would be interesting to see what she has to say! 

So, she just posted pics of her animals in their 'doggie mansion!'

I'm freakin' jealous OK!! I mean their (the dogs/cats) house is nicer than mine!!
outside view

Wait...Marble floors??

Exquisite leather furniture....WHAT??

They have stairs to?? Who do they need to get away from? Gosh, they have their own house!!

And, oh yes!! Can't go with out the stripper pole!!
Lil' paws can't even grip it!
J/k, don't really know if that's really a stripper pole, but it sure does look like 1!

All I have to say is when can I move in?? Sheesh, they have a BALCONY! I don't even have a balcony.
I gotta go all they way down stairs, and open the door, to get some fresh air!
Life is so hard...

In all seriousness, I think this lil' doggie palace is too cute! =)
- @IveytheGREAT

Award Show Predictions

Instead of awing over the Oscar gowns, which I didn't find that intriguing, I decided to predict the dresses that will be worn next awards season (via the fall 2010 runway shows).  If I get any predictions correct I'll be happy.

Christian Siriano's ending number @ his fall 2010 show.
Oscars dress
Who I see in this: Zoe Saldana

Balmain gold dress
Grammy dress or Teen choice awards
I see this on: Victoria Beckham, Renee Zelweger

Marchesa always makes a woman look stunning!
I see Charlize Theron in this...going to one of those shows!

Badgley Mischka
This is an Anne Hathaway dress (in my mind) LOL. Either way, I see Rachel Zoe picking this for one of her clients.

A very OPULENT design by Louis Vuitton.
Oscar dress.
IDK who I see in this, but I can see this on the red carpet.

Reem Acra Dresses below!
I can see a starlet in her 40's wearing this! It's elegant, and not too revealing. Very appropriate for an older woman. She MUST have thin arms though. 

You may wear this dress IF and WHEN you have Sandra Bullock chances of winning an Oscar. LOL, it would look good with your little gold man!

Ok, I've grown tired of finding dresses for celebs to wear. Sheesh, they aren't paying me to be their stylist!!
Goodnight ; )

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old style

So the oldest person in America, Mary Josephine Ray, died Sunday.
She was 114 years old.
See her below.

OMG, I think she is so cute.
Seriously for a woman her age, the outfit is kinda rocking!! I know I'm a wierdo, but I can really see her thriving in the ROARING 20's.

Can't you?
She looks like a flapper... retired.
I think it's the short bob and the black fringe on her pocket.
The gold cane is so official too. I mean who do you know, that actually has to use a cane, that has one with that type of flair?? That's definitely not my grandmother's cane!

Feeling a flapper moment coming on!

Yea, that was her time!
And when you do the math, she was 24 in I gonna go ahead and say she WAS flapping with the best of 'em!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

And this is why I ♥ her!!

OK! LOVE this look!
If you don't know already...
Rachel Zoe is one of my style icons.
Technically though, this is a Vera Wang Dress. BUT it's on Rachel soo...
I'm giving her credit for the look!

That is all.