Sunday, January 31, 2010

And another 1 bites the dust...

As we have been noticing for the last few years, designers are slowly but surely catching on to the economic-friendly pricing trend. Though it's sad, high-end fashion designers just don't have the clientele they used to have, and they must follow their customers if they want to stay in business.

The latest fashion victim is Narciso Rodriguez. He recently announced that he will be launching an eight piece collection for eBay. It will include dresses, t-shirts, cotton jackets, and a coat (??among other things I assume??). The prices will range from $75-$350. "I've never sold anything at these kinds of prices," Rodriguez told The New York Post. "This gets my work to a wider audience."

We'll see what happens with this, but I have a question. Why eBay?? I mean who does that and why? Doesn't seem like the image I would want associated with my brand if I were a designer of his stature. "Rodriguez and eBay declined to discuss terms of their pact. But eBay spokesman Alan Marks portrayed the auction site as an outlet for designers looking to increase their distribution and appeal on more favorable financial terms." -NY Post

The line will be available Feb. 15.

In other news, I'm intrigued about this designer's 'scale-down into mainstream' collection! Sonia Rykiel for H&M. The clothes are bright and spunky with a french vibe. Above all, I really love the model they chose to represent the brand. Her hair is EVERYTHING!! Rykiel already has a lingerie line at H&M, and on Feb. 20 her clothing line launches in its stores.

Apparently, H&M is the place to go for designers looking for alternative means of marketing in these recessionary times. Many designers have collaborated with H&M, and accordingly their business is booming. Well, maybe not booming; I don't think any retailers are bragging about profits right now! However, H&M's net-profits for the 4th quarter of 2009 rose by 20.9%. Pretty good! We all love a fashionable bargain. Still wishing they had a store close to my city, but oh well...I'll make it there next time I visit NY or ATL. ; )

Snowed in much?? This calls for a...

Mock Photoshoot!!!
: D

Lol, I've been in the house ALL day long; trapped in a winter wonderland.  I got SUPER bored and decided it was time to start my modeling career! LoL, just kidding.  Just decided to put some random clothes on and snap away!  The white blanket of snow creates such great scenery, might as well take advantage!
This is my favorite coat at the moment. It looks way better in person tho. Kenneth Cole Reaction.
Carlos Santana boots
Fur collar from Ann Taylor Loft.
Liz Claiborne clip-ons. I love huge clip-on earrings.
Belt--IDK where I got it!

Love my leather jacket from Express.
American Apparel skirt, which I've never worn!
Demin bustier, which I've never worn!
Steve Madden bootie.
Leather studded gloves from Marshalls : )

My Snow Bunny Look!!
(don't know which I like better)
Yea, so I bought this faux fur coat years ago knowing I would never wear it! It was on sale, and I...I...I don't know! If you've been following my blog, you get my drift : )
  Anyway, it's from  a boutique.
White dress from Express.
Well, that's it! Glad I at least got a chance to wear some clothes that I have never worn, and may never wear again, even if it was just in my back yard! So I guess my modeling career will be put on hold, but I'll never let fashion go! I have been wanting to do a professional photoshoot lately tho...just for the heck of it.  Guess the next step is finding a GREAT photographer!
Happy Snow Day!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Blogger Girl

There is a young fashion blogger by the name of Tavi who is undoubtedly ahead of the game!

I mean seriously, I wish my blog was on the level that hers is on!  At the tender age of 13, Tavi has received some great opportunities in the fashion industry. She collaborated with many establised fashion brands such as Rodarte for Target. 

I have  secret on her though!!!

She hasn't made a post recently and it's because she was asked to cover the PARIS Haute Couture shows, which are happeneing now, for POP Magazine! 

That would be a dream for me!!  Seriously, I feel like a slacker hearing about stuff like this!

If she is making it this big at 13, I can tell she has a BRIGHT future in fashion! Go Tavi!!

P.S.  Super cute name!

Interviewing a model backstage at the Chirstian Dior show.

So cute.
She has the best, fearless personal style.

Visit Tavi's blog style rookie.

Photo creidt: tweetpics from @Grazia_Live and @IsaacLikes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Milan: Men's Fashion Week Fall 2010

Yay! My first post on men's fashion! It's about time, but hey, girls have so much more pretty things to view and talk about!!

Men's Fashion Week in Milan just ended and I wish I was there!!

One major trend I noticed was that men are tucking thier pants into their boots, kinda like women.  This is a trend that can easily turn androgenous or even feminine because you kinda have to wear fitted pants.  Some of the pics below even look like the guys are wearing tights.


Louis Vuitton

So I guess you can do the tucked pants look with baggy jeans, IF the boots are bulky.

I can't really see this happening in real life (boots over tuxedo look), but I love the brown suit!

Moncler Gamme Bleu
Looking cozy!

Chris Brown, seen here, was in Milan for the shows.  He obviously got the boots memo, but I'm only in love with his look form head to knee.  This shows that your pants must be moderatly fitted. Chris: You can't mix your urban-style baggy pant with those slender boots. Doesn't flow to me, but overall I like his outfit. You know what they say; When in Milan.... tuck your pants into your boots! LOL

Another trend in men's fashion is plaid! Me likey!


Viktor & Rolf

Gianfranco Ferré
This may be a houndstooth, but it looks like plaid to me ; )

Z Zegna

Salvatore Ferragamo

Since we're on the men's fashion topic... Kudos to Andre 3000 for this look!

He's got the boots on and it's working for him. Pants are fitted enough, but not too tight! I love the green too. I may be bias, however, because I really dig his music!

Louboutin Better Watch OUT!!

Because it seems McQueen can do no wrong!! 

Alexander McQueen has been creating the BEST toe candies lately!!

♥♥ The Titanic Ballerina Pumps ♥♥

 Need I say more!

P.S. Louboutin will always have my heart, or my feet at least!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Déjà Vu

Today I reviewed the Ralph Lauren Spring 2009 runway looks.

Overall, I was underwhelmed (Michael Kors voice)!

I will always have much respect for the Ralph Lauren's clean cut, all-American style. The show was very fitting of the Ralph Lauren brand image, HOWEVER, I feel like I've seen some of the looks before. Yes, I know fashion always repeats itself, but there is always something new added to breathe life into the old.

This look in particular just struck a nerve.

I feel like I've seen this exact look on this exact MODEL in a RL spread in a fashion magazine years ago.
IDK, I'm sure there are some new elements to this year's suit (maybe the pin-stripes), but I'm feeling like déjà vu.

Furthermore, this dress is the perfect combination of innovation and catastrophe!

I do commend RL for thinking outside the box. They took the concept of the blue jean overall and made an evening gown.  I don't like it tho!! I mean WHO is gonna wear this? I don't see this making it to the red carpet, and if it does I forsee 'worst dressed winner'!!

There were some nice looks in the collection, but the show had some true BLAH pieces in my opinion.  I'm hoping RL's Fall 2010 collection is full of innovation and fabulousness ; )

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amen for Business Cards!!

Tonight was another GREAT networking event!!
I attended the Fashion & Style Industry Mixer, which was hosted by Charlotte Style Magazine.
It was a chic yet intimate event that brought the Charlotte fashion industry together to mix and mingle!
In attendance were models, designers, marketers, pr, stylist, etc.
and of course...ME!!
I almost didn't go because I was taking the most perfect nap!
But I went. Glad I grabbed some business cards before walking out the door!
I was one of the last to arrive, and it worked in my advantage because they were doing a drawing for 2 $400 beauty bags.
I dropped my business card in the drawing box, and what do you know....the first winner pulled was MEEEEE!!!
Look at what I got....courtesy of Beauty Fix.

Perricone MD is the only brand I recognized, but they all seem to be great products!! I love trying new things!!

The gift included lots of anti-aging products....but it's never too early to start fighting the aging process.
....well after you turn 20 at least!

My favorite item in the bag (so far) is the Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust shimmer powder eye shadow in Rose Gold.

Remember to continue Fearlessly Pursuing you Passion!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and the ADDICTION reigns on....

Hello, I am a shopaholic.

Today I faced the dreaded curse of after Christmas/New Year's/end-of-season sales....

Need I say more.

I overspent, when I was supposed to be saving.

Of course I had to hit up Victoria's Secret for the semi-annual sale. Not mad at that because I needed some new bras ; )

Next was Express....I made it out safe, but almost fell for a dress that was 1 size to big for me.

Then came Guess. They are doing 50% already reduced items. So I copped a dress that was moderately expensive, but really cute.

Bought a jacket, headband, and some jeans at Forever 21.

Then I walked past Nine West. Wasn't gonna go in because by that point I had spent a little over my budget.

HOWEVER, I went in to see what was available....harmless I thought!

They were having the best deal on boots, and boots are my weakness(one of them)! I found a pair that were only $50. Great deal!

THEN I remembered that I had a store credit at home for $26.49. Went home and got it!

Came back to buy that pair of boots, THEN I realized that I was only spending $25 on the boots so I might as well get those knee-high boots that are $75 as well.

Upon completing my purchase, the salesman says "I proud of you for getting both pairs!" WHAT...really? Of course you're proud; I just moved product from your shelf. But no one really knows the trouble I'm getting myself into. I just smiled gracefully!

To end the story....I paid $110 for two pair of boots, which is a great deal. However, I spent $110 beyond my budget. Yea $110 isn't really that much, but it is in my situation. AND, this happens more than it should. Oh, and I really only went to the mall for the Guess dress and to visit Victoria's Secret.

I'M DONE WITH SHOPPING FOR A WHILE. Hopefully I can lay off for the rest of the month.

I wanna make a BIG trip in February, and it won't be possible if I don't stop shopping.

If I can't control this I'll be at Shopaholics Anonymous REAL soon. LOL!