Sunday, July 26, 2009

All I'm asking for....

All I'm asking for is a few good men for me to pick and choose from. SERIOUSLY....

Do you have kids-> I don't wanna deal with it.
Being honest, I will date men with kids (SMH... I already have), but I would like to find a good, wholesome guy without kids! (not saying that I never have) Hopefully one day, I'll find a man that I can START a family with...not finish one. But for now, I'm a young FREE girl, and I'd like a FREE guy.

Do you have a job-> No, selling drugs is not a job.
I understand, working for the MAN is not desirable in all cases, but it is honorable and LEGAL. If you dont wanna work for anyone, HEY, take the steps to own your own business. Nothing worth having comes easy. Can't say I've never been associated with a 'street pharmacist' though! SHHhhhhh ; O

Do you have ambition-> Which leads me to my next question....

Can you count your hobbies and interests on 1 hand-> Smoking, drinking and going to the club are not enough to satisfy you for life. At least not with me on you arm! SERIOUSLY.
Actually, it would be good to find a guy who didn't smoke. More of my BIG dreams. GEEZ LOUISE, haven't they produced enough TRUTH ads for you to get it? No offense to my followers that smoke.... I know its a tough habbit to kick, but think about ; )
Back to interests... have some dreams, and make them come true. Travel the world. Experience things ouside the scope of your culture! Whatever it is, keep your life interesting... cause I'll fall asleep on you!

Are you clean-> I understand guys are guys, and I DO want a MAN!
However, showers are necessary. AND, your house/apartment should not look like a pigstie or smell like ass warmed up!

Can you hold conversation-> I'm a little quite myself, so a talker is good for me.
Even if you aren't super talkative, you should be able to hold a convo with me. If I'm doing all the talking, you're gonna think I'M crazy.... and honey that's just not the case!

Are you an abbuser-> No Chris & Rihanna going on here!
Yo face will look like Rihanna's. I may be thin, but I'll do what's neessary to send you home with a few bruises! No, but SERIOUSLY, I'd rather not fight at all. As a matter of fact, RULE #1: U R NOT ALLOWED to put your hands on me in a violent way. Not even an issue is it? Glad to say I've never been in that situation, but to the women out there, make it your rule 2!

Are you a LIAR-> I CAN'T stand liars.
I make it a personal goal NOT to lie. OK, if you are trying to save a life or something NOBLE or SERIOUS, I understand. But not to ME, and not on some stupid little issue. I mean what's the worst that could happen? We break up or stop speaking? Ummm, yea that's gonna happen anyway if you continue to LIE. Everything will come to light in OUR relationship boo boo. BELIEVE THAT!!

Are you super HOT and SEXY-> That's just a plus and not a complete requirement, but its greatly appreciated!
Its seems like alot of the guys that approach me are not my desired image, and that's OK... sometimes. I mean you can't get what you want all the time, and sometimes what you want isn't what you need. However, you good looking men are getting to comfortable. These HOES, and also respectable bold women are approaching you. That's fine, but I'm still into guys approaching me so COME ova! I may look mean sometimes, but I'm the SWEETEST thing EVER.

If you think you fit these requirements, you may contact me to sign up for try-outs! I'll be forming a team over the next month. Once my STAR player is identified, the team will be sold to the highest bidder! SIKE, I'll just let the rest go play the field somewhere else! HaHaHa, but SERIOUSLY!!

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