Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ever wonder why people like Tom Ford so much?

Here's a hint  ;)

The renowned fashion designer debuted his first collection in six years, since he left Gucci in 2004.

I personally LOVE the textures that were seemlessly worked into many pieces shown. The intimate, yet socially LIVE runway show definitely created a buzz of excitement among the crowd. I could feel the energy... could you?


One thing that is beautiful is courage. Courage to show your faults in order to encourage a positive path for another. Courage to bear your soul to the world... To me, there is so much beauty in strength & courage.

However, what is NOT beautiful is harming your body to achieve societal standards of beauty (i.e. ANOREXIA).  Now that I can say I've worked backstage at several New York Fashion Week shows, I can attest to seeing bones bulging out of uncommon places on the bodies of the "beauties" who walk the runways, and also to hearing comments of how desirable it is to be that thin by intrigued bystanders. These are things I'd only heard of before, but actually witnessing someone say that they longed to have the thin, frail frame of the half-naked model whose spine I could literally see in it's entirety, was quite jarring to say the least.

There is a stigma that plagues a good bit of our society creating a negative image on what many doctors might say is a healthy figure/weight. Which is why I DO see beauty when I look at these anti-anorexia advertisements that were launched in Italy.

The images are scary & appalling, and they relay the point. This is not beauty, this is not ideal, this is a sickness. This is torture.
But I will NOT say that she, Isabelle Caro, lacks beauty, because she does have courage. Even if her reasons for doing this campaign ad were slightly selfish, (not saying they were) it is still an admirable act that has potential to touch someone's life.

Follow the link to see her story.

Nature Exploration

I'm a sucker for snow days; it's like love! Probably since a rarity in NC. It's always a good excuse for an amateur photo session!!

The world is such a beautiful place... I had to share :)