Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lauren had some Hills to climb

Apollo '87

Almost got boo'd off the stage : (

She definitely wasn't a child prodigy like MJ.

But we all know she came up in the world!

Damn I miss the Fugees

As a matter of fact... I miss Lauren Hill

Miseducation is definitely on my top 10 album list of MY lifetime... Still listen to it! Track #14. Double thumbs up!

Heard she went kinda crazy. Probably not completely true, but I think she may be struggling with a few issues. We all have our struggles tho...

You be the judge. Crazy or Cool. Ima go ahead and say she FELL OFF too soon in the game. Some ppl say her new look is funky, cool, and different. I disagree. The look is a little messy and so is her voice. I hate to say this about the girl though. I would still attend I concert/event if I heard she was gonna be there. STILL a fan.

Lauren from me 2 u. "If Whitney can come back, so can you!"


  1. LMAO! The miseducation of lauryn hill- can't get enough of it. it's def in my ipod! and yes, she did fall off of the bandwagon, lost some luster, but she's struggled enough i guess. idk- i still like her, and her new genre of music ;-)

  2. wow...I didn't even know she was trying to make a comeback, the classical Irish instruments, mixing with the soul and reggae beats doesn't work very well. Although I will give her a free pass here, I mean it was an outdoor performance...but its no Fugees that's for sure. Her and Wyclef need to get back together and do something...before she falls off the deep end.

  3. I'm still wishin she would make a come back! But you know the Fugees will never be back. BET got them together for the awards show a few years ago, but you know they had some problems. Wyclef is the one who said Lauren was crazy!