Monday, July 20, 2009

PSA: Parabens

Ladies, and gentlemen for that matter, beware of parabens in your cosmetics. Parabens are preservatives used in skincare, haircare, make-up, and other personal care products. The are used in almost all types of cosmetics that we use externally. Though they create a longer product life, the excessive use of parabens can increase the risk of cancer and other issues. There are different types that are used for different purposes, but they are all easy to spot because the word paraben is at the end.


There was a study in the journal of Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology that shed light on the safety and effects of parabens used in cosmetics. Because of the estrogenic effects they have on the endocrine system, parabens are being linked to breast cancer. In males, exposed as fetuses or before puberty, parabens can increase the risk of reproductive abnormalities and testicular or colon cancers. There have been numerous studies in the past few years that are bringing the truth about parabens to light in America. I HEARD that some countries, like France have outlawed the use of these chemical preservatives, and have found suitable alternative.... I think we should do the same.

However this is not meant to freak anyone out. Today, it is hard to get around using products with parabens, because they are in everything. Also, the amount used in products is so minuscule that it won't make you sick over night. However, I did want to raise awareness on the issue, and urge you to look at the ingredients before slathering on your favorite face cream. When you think about... If you use 10 cosmetics a day, (face wash, face cream, eye cream, mascara, eye shadow, deodorant, etc.) and each one contains parabens, your daily percentage intake steadily increases. Sidebar: Watch out for petroleum as well. It has also been linked to increasing the risk of cancer.

Check out to find out about other harmful ingredients used in our cosmetics. I have tried to incorporate more organic products into my cosmetic routine since discovering this info. I will blog about my favorite natural/organic products later.


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