Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does anybody miss Daria like I do??

Daria was one of my fave cartoons back in the day, and I miss it.

I was just thinking of all the shows I miss. There was Doug, Rocko's modern life, Daria, the dinosaurs and probably some others I can't remember.

Those were the good old days!!

Here's the theme song with the distorted characters! Man this use to be my favorite part of the show!

La-la-la-la-la....LOL I miss it!


I just realized that, when you are passionate about something, working at it is pleasure.

Soo, I got a new side gig!

I am a writer for the Examiner!! Title: Charlotte Fashion Examiner!! It's not like I'm writing for Elle Magazine or even the local newspaper, however it is good industry experience for me.

I just completed my first article, and I'm so excited. A little too excited, don't know why!!

I got home from the event I was reporting on, and got right to work! I just realized I've been sitting here for hours without the TV on. That never happens. I always have TV, at least in the background. Just goes to prove that FASHION = MY PASSION. I was also really inspired because I made some great industry contacts tonight!

I really need your help in making this a successful venture! Please visit

Please leave comments, and subscribe if you can/will.

I'm sending lots of LOVE into the universe!!

Be blessed my friends!


Thursday, October 22, 2009


I definitely had a moment of weakness last night (aka this morning). Good 'ole human nature!

Now that I've had some sleep, I'm back.

Fear is out the window, and I'm back to FEARLESSLY pursuing my PASSION(s)!

; )

I need HELP!!!

Dear blogger friends,

It is now 4:15 AM, and I am WIDE awake....AGAIN :(

I've always had issues with sleeping, but it seems pretty bad these days.

I'm under sooooo much pressure to succeed; its all I can think about. My mind pops from one idea to the next, and on to the next. Always wondering and trying to figure out how I'm gonna do this, and how I'm gonna do that. GEEZ LOUISE. I NEED SLEEP!!

And the pressure (to succeed) I speak of is coming from no one but myself. I just feel like I can't stay here. I HAVE to grow and progress. I must prove myself beyond the imagination of all those who doubt(ed) me. This life is so short, and how horrible would it be to reach the end and not have accomplished any of your DREAMS. Then sometimes I get scared that I won't succeed. That I will allow fear and/or laziness, or even lack of money, to hold me back from what I want. I guess it's true that the only thing to fear is fear itself. I mean WOW. I just gotta make something happen....MAN.

Now I gotta stress over sleep too. Does anybody have ideas about easing the mind and/or sleep remedy? Don't want to get into a cycle of taking sleeping pills. I really want to try acupuncture, but then again I feel like I should invest that money into my future... Who knows if it will work anyway. I will probably try it eventually though. Been thinking about it for a while.

Well... yea, I'm sounding like a definite 'head case' right now, but I feel a little better getting my thoughts out into the universe!

Thanks 4 reading all!! MAYBE, I'll get some sleep before work. LOL

Peace & Love

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fashion Icon: Dita Von Teese

I love the 1940's, pin-up, sultry, classy style of Dita Von Teese (born Heather Renee Sweet). Makeup is always perfect. She rarely, if ever, caught looking bad. Unlike some celebs, who will remain nameless (Katie Holmes), Dita doesn't leave the house looking a hot mess. She keeps the elegance flowing. So today, I'm honoring Ms. Dita with the IvyLi Fashion Award for consistent personal style!

She is popular for being an exquisite burlesque entertainer, and for being married to Marilyn Manson (UGH). Now, she has some racy photos out there, and I'm not promoting nudity or adult entertainment, but WHEN she dresses, she dresses with great style!

This is classic 'old Hollywood' glamour with a modern touch.

I love that Dita embraces her porcelain-white skin. So many women torture their skin, tanning every week, and it's just not worth it. PSA: THE SUN (tanning in general) IS THE #1 CAUSE OF SKIN AGEING. Having golden brown skin today isn't worth looking 50 when you're 40. Ladies, take care of your bodies. Love yourself fully. I you are Caucasian/white, you should NOT have the same complexion as me. And YES I have seen this....

Back to Dita!

I've always wanted to wear one of those 'old school,' 'organ smashing!' corsets. I LOVE the looks it gives....but I don't see how breathing is attainable!!! Yikes.

Elegant Temptress. I am living vicariously through her right now!!

Perfection! The bold color, the mix of hard and soft (military sleeves with the soft chiffon draping material) LOVE it!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My NEW Obsession

So, I was walking through the mall the other day, and decided to stop in Sephora (just to play)!!

Didn't think I was gonna see anything new, but I was wrong.

Make up Forever has come out with some new an AMAZING color palette. Honestly, it's probably not new, but I've never seen it before.

I'm speaking of the flash color case. It's got 12 in bright and brilliant FLASH colors that can be used in a variety of ways on the eyes, lips, or cheeks (the colors are in the form of cream). I'm going through a phase right now, where I'm really into color. I sooooo want this Flash palette, but it's $100. I'm not being cheap but GEEZ LOUISE!!! I just don't think it would be smart for me to pay $100 for some color. I really don't even know if I would use all the colors.

Sephora also sells the colors separately, and they have some DOPE colors that aren't in the case. Those are $18 each. I'm thinking I'll buy the individuals until I get all the colors I like. Its tough though. I really want the palette. What to do, What to do. Welp, I've added a DONATE section! Feel free to donate to the cause. I NEED MAKE UP....FOREVER!!! LOL

I have to get those pastels in the bottom right corner. The purple, periwinkle, and aqua (blue/green) are amazing!!! Those will be the first one's I get if I don't get the palette.

A Make Up Forever look that I LOVE!
Wish more people walked the streets with this type of look!!
The world would be such a better place!!! LOL

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Alexander McQueen is THE best for sending these lovlies down the runway.

Some call it torture, I call it LOVE!

I wanna walk somewhere in these babies. Where you ask? To the grocery store, maybe?  Who cares, WE (me and the shoes) need a moment together!

*Paris FW Spring/Summer 2010

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fallen Princesses

This is an AMAZING exhibit by Dina Goldstein. Goldstein said, "I began to imagine Disney's perfect Princesses juxtaposed with real issues that were affecting women around me, such as illness, addiction and self-image issues."

She is one of the brilliant minds of our time!

Snow White's prince isn't so charming anymore.

Get it? Jasmine in the war over there....WOW
The fatigue threw me off at first.

Sleeping beauty's prince is still waiting.
If she wakes up, will she still want him? Doubt it!!

Guess Cinderella got kicked out the castle...LOL

Goldie Locks....Yikes

Saved the best for last!
Can't you imagine this happening if there 'really were' an Arielle?
I can...Well maybe not!

Overall perspective: SAD, SICK and TWISTED but AMAZING!!!

Wait a minute...or Choo!

I can't believe it, but Jimmy Choo is doing a line for H&M. Actually, I can believe it! We're a recession and these BIG-WIG designers are beginning to cater to the more frugal me, LOL!

Let me start by saying I H&M because they have affordable FASHION. It's bitter sweet though, (my relationship with H&M) I am not happy that there isn't a location in my state, however, I'm glad because I would drop too much cash their if it were so easily accessible!

Back to the point! I am so happy that Jimmy Choo is bringing more style and design to one of my favorite stores. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the line...

Love the boots. Hmmm, when would I wear them?
Who cares...I need them!

I would do the dress w/o that belt!
Don't like that combo, but LOVE the dress!

I wonder is my ankles are to skinny for these....
probably not

Really like this purse, but I have a feeling it looks different in person.
I'll need to see it first!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Yeee HAaaWWww!!!" says Chanel

The Spring/Summer 2010 Chanel show was anything but average.

My dear, Karl Lagerfeld, took Chanel on a hayride, and this was the result....

Umm..Yeah...OK. Ordinarily Chanel does a sleek white runway with ultra-chic designs. Now I'm not saying that Chanel shows are ever ordinary, because we all know that Chanel is one of the HIGHLIGHTS of Paris fashion week.

However, this was very different. I've been reading reviews, and I've come to the realization that Karl Lagerfeld can do no wrong in some people's eyes. I'll admit, he is a fashion genius. However, this didn't really add up to me. The only part of the collection that was connected to the barnyard were the clogs, and I think they only added the clogs to be able to use this theme. I feel Chanel was really reaching for a ways to out-do itself this year. None the less, I LOVED the clothing. LOVED those white jeans on that really skinny model. LOVED the jacket on the first model. Even with the forced theme, I thought the show was fun and exciting...wish I was there...SIGH

Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe Karl was trying to relay the idea that fashion isn't to be taken SO serious. Fashion is fun, exciting, and different. It doesn't follow the rules. It's whatever you want it to be! Ah-Ha... my revelation!

Rachel Zoe is HILARIOUS!!

If you watch the Rachel Zoe Project (reality show) on Bravo, then you know about her funny sayings and mannerisms.

Chelsea Handler's talk show, Chelsea lately, did a hilarious skit mocking Rachel Zoe and her assistants. Watch it!! They have Rachel's, Brad's, and Taylor's personas down to a T. It's BANANAS!!!


I LOVE both of their shows (Rachel & Chelsea)!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


So, I was riding in the car with my dad today, and he ALWAYS listens to NPR (National Public Radio).

Amidst listening to the boring BLAH, BLAH, BLAH of today's news, my ears perked up when I heard the word FASHION! The reporter even sounded surprised to be speaking on the subject!

The report was very interesting. Apparently, Germany's top fashion magazine, Brigitte, has planned to cease all use of professional models, and will only use 'REAL' women in the magazine's photo spreads next year. Brigitte chose to do this to separate itself from the 'rail-thin' image of beauty that we have all become accustom to seeing in every outlet of fashion. The magazine's readers have 'reportedly' been writing in to express that they are tired of seeing bones popping out of the size 0 models used in the photos....

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I don't like the phrase 'real women' because it can be discriminatory in my eyes, however, I will back NPR up in reference to this saying because Brigitte plans to use ACTUAL real women. Not necessarily 'plus size,' but the magazine plans to use it's regular readers and other prominent women in next year's photo spreads. Kudos to you: Brigitte Magazine!

SIDE NOTE: (Directed to Brigitte) PICK ME!! I want to model. LOL
But seriously, if you happen to live in Germany and read the magazine regularly, you should send your picture in with a short bio. They might use you in a spread!

To all my fashionistas, the industry is changing ladies/gents. I predict a real paradigm shift in the next few years in regards to size and body image. Lots of magazines are moving towards the 'plus size' or 'real women' trend. If this trend persists, designers will follow.

Maybe sz. 8 will be the new 2! Who knows what the 2012 runways will look like. Imagine all size 8 models!!! Well let's not push it, I think couture designers would rather slit their wrists! J/K!!


*"In 2007, the U.S. Council of Fashion of Designers of America issued voluntary guidelines to curb the use of overly thin models."

*"Fashion officials in Madrid set a minimum body-mass index, and those in Milan tightened restrictions. Efforts gained urgency after 21-year-old Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston died of anorexia in November 2006, weighing 88 pounds (40 kilos)."

Louisa von Minckwitz, who owns the German-based Louisa Models agency, told The Associated Press she believed the ban on models was a marketing gag that would not last for long.
"Women want to see clothes on a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing person," von Minckwitz said.

Sounds like Brigitte has a HATER!! Understandably though. German modeling agencies will lose business.

WELL, it's gonna be some broke skinny models in Germany next year!! Or either they'll be fleeing the country!! I guess we'll be seeing the NEW Heidi Klum in America soon... LOL

Saturday, October 3, 2009

SHE by Sheree

Well, I'm a little late... as usual, but if you didn't know, Sheree from the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' debuted her clothing line at New York Fashion Week last month.

After all the time she's had, I wasn't WOWed by it. For those of you who don't watch the show, Sheree tried to produce a show about two years ago, and it was a FLOP because she had NO clue what SHE was doing! ANYWAYS, she did a little more research this time and was able to show her garments.

Like Mychael Knight said; I'm tired of these NBA wives coming out with clothing lines and having fashion shows. Its just another way for them to get attention. These ladies just don't understand that a fashion line doesn't just happen. You have to do the research and you HAVE to put in work, time, and SERIOUS effort. Sheree was the classic example of how failure can and WILL happen. I'm over it.

Smh...Here are the clothes.
The jumpsuit was the highlight...


That jacket is kinda interesting...

The middle look is cute

The dress on the right is pretty

The best piece of the line

And Sheree looking a HOT mess. The shoes would be dope on someone else, but they just don't work for me here...

For me, it was just OK. IDK, good first effort. But then again this IS the second go round!
Guess I'll wait for next season before I really start judging... ; )