Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recess vs. Relief

I am in no position to judge, because I am just as guilty as anyone else. However, I want to send a wake up call to everyone in my grasp!

I woke up at 4:00 am, randomly, on Friday and just happened to take a peek at Twitter. The first tweet I saw was Paris Hilton commenting on the earthquake and tsunami that were taking place in Japan.  From there, everyone learned of these events, and throughout Friday & Saturday we all wrote tweets to announce our condolences to the world... but is that enough. Our prayers are invaluable, but we can always do more.

Today, as I logged onto twitter & facebook, I realized that EVERYONE was talking about the Duke vs. UNC game and again, just like the Superbowl, the lives of so many Americans are being consumed by a sporting event.  It's a pastime and stress reliever for many... I get it. I don't like sports, so I can compare it to a viewing of the Real Housewives of ATL or NY! lol

Since I am one of the few who are not into sports, I was able to reflect on what's happening in the world. And so a question came to mind. Today, right now on this leisurely Sunday afternoon, is it time for recess or relief?

Are we blinded, somewhat, as a country? Since the tragedy isn't happening directly to us, I think it's too easy to forget & move on to the next. It's so important for us to continue to keep the people that are facing these dynamic hardships in our prayers. If you can, it's dually important to reach out a hand to help. Anyone with a spare $10 in their pocket can support by going to & donating to the relief efforts. I gave what I could, and no matter how little it may be, I urge you to do the same.  

Last time I checked, the estimated death toll was 10,000. Let the Red Cross put your donation to work in communities affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


If not any other day, today is the day to be empowered! Know your strength and own it!

It's National Women's Day 2011, and we have come such a long way!

However, there is more work to be done. Our communities are still struggling, and we are not always treated equally, so I challenge YOU to make a mark in your city/state/country/WORLD.  We are supreme beings, yet we haven't allowed ourselves reach our fullest potential. "Be the change you want to see."

As I grow as a woman, I am beginning to develop a passion for philanthropy.  Pray for me, as I work in my community, that I can touch the life of another, & in doing so, bring about a positive change.

Furthermore, I encourage you to Go Red! Heart disease is the nation's largest killer, and it affects more women than you may think.  Take charge of your life through awareness and prevention. Your heart will thank you later!

That's all, for now :)