Monday, August 24, 2009

Any Suggestions?

I want to start a business.

Not right now, in the future, but I want to start planning.

I have a few ideas of my own, but wanted to get some feedback on what you all followers/readers think would be good, current, and compatible with me.

I know most of you don't know me, but sometimes its good to get those outside unbiased views.

Of course, I like music, love FASHION, and I have a strong interest in the 'business world'.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I ♥ Marshalls

GeEzZZ Louise, I just dropped another load of cash at Marshalls yesterday.

For those of you who are sleeping on it... WAKE UP!!

They should really be paying me to say this, but Marshalls really DOES provide designer labels at AFFORDABLE prices.

The problem is that... all those affordable prices add up. Hehe!

They have a new credit card out, but I REFUSE.

I don't do credit. Well whenever I can possibly avoid it!

I like to live by the phrase, "if you don't got it, you can't get it!"

But anyway, I just got some Michael Kors and Kenneth Cole pieces, ranging between $30-50.

I've been to the Michael Kors store. Didn't see anything worth having for under $150. Seriously.

As a matter of fact, Marshalls is beginning to carry some REALLY high-end lines.

Some I still can't afford at the Marshalls price!

Can't say the same for TJ Maxx. They are owned by the same parent company, but TJ just doesn't take me there...

Furthermore, you have to find the GOOD Marshalls in your area. There are several locations in my city, but only one is worth visiting.

Check it out & ENJOY!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

'STYLE' Quotes to Live by...

Coco was a sassy chick!

A Low Point

I've reached a low point in my life. :(

Things aren't going exactly as I'd planned.

I graduated college 3 months ago, and haven't found a job that I would love or even like.

I've been working night & day at two jobs that seem pointless.

Moreover, I'm surrounded by people who are standing still. Goal-less, ambition-less. Content in their dead-end positions.

As much as I hate to say it. I have been losing sight of my goals and my ambition.

No more can I put my life on hold to make a few dollars$$. I gotta stay focused on who I want to be, and where I want to go. Can't STOP, won't STOP. Gotta hold on to my dreams.

Wheww, had to get that off my chest. Now back to business!

Pray 4 me y'all!

Found a new theme song!!!

Sooo, if you didn't know... my booty isn't that big! It's not flat, but its small, especially for someone of my race. You know, we women of color are known for our voluptuous and curvy bodies. Not me, and I use to be ridiculed for it a bit. However, I'm SUPER sexy and gorgeous so its not that big of an issue!

I found a new song that represents us little booty girls, as we hold it down!

It's my new theme song!

I stumbled across this new group, Thunderheist, on MusicGeek's blog a month or so ago, and they are pretty good.

Here's one of they're newer songs. Love the shoes!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Are Shoulder Pads Back?

One of my favorite sites is running an interesting poll.

Shoulder pads?

a. Yes, I can't wait to pull this off.

b. No, I hate the look.

c. Shoulder pads? When did they return.

What do you think? Are shoulder pads back or even acceptable?

I say they are NOT back, cause as soon as they come back we will all be forced to watch these tacky, style-less, middle aged moms bring out their shoulder pad disasters from the late 80's and 90's.

However, if you are into fashion, shoulder pads are acceptable. Chic even, if done like Posh! Moreover, trends are trends, and style is style. If you have style then trends shouldn't faze you. Do ya thing!

Word to the wise: This is a trend that can so easily go wrong. If you're just not sure, don't try this 'possibly-arising' trend at home!

Here's a cute, yet modern, way to bring the trend back!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Awww. My favorite president of all time turned 48 today.

I'm so happy to see him and his beautiful family in the WHITE HOUSE!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clublife... IDK

Well, just got back from the club and I need to get some things off my mind.

I just don't know if this is for me anymore. Use to frequent the club (once or twice a week) throughout college. There were times when I took a break, but I went quite often. Lately, though, I've been noticing that the club is getting less and less attractive to me. Now I'm wondering WHY I even go. Hmmm..

>To meet 'cute' guys
How many times do those relationships work out? Not saying they never do, but really!

>To chill wit friends
Who you can barely hear ova da music. Basically you watch them get wasted, which can be hilarious OR embarrassing! Someone always ends up mad at some dumbass boy who is treatin them wrong... and now U have to console them

>To get a lil' tipsy!
But is that really what you should be doing with your life? IDK, it can be fun though!

>To dance
Well I guess you would call it grinding... thats what it looks like. Ppl might as well go home and have sex for putting in all that effort! I can't really do too much dancing with the little dresses I wear! Gotta show some leg!

Ppl are constantly bumping into you. It's like a never ending series of 'Excuse me'; 'My bad'; 'O your bad'; 'Nah ur good'; 'Ur excused'. MAN I really don't like random ppl in my space!

Then the girls. UGGHHH. Bending over and shaking their ass in any direction they please. Ummm, MOVE. There is another female standing here... not a dude, so chill out.

Smoke all in your face. I really don't like that. The next day your hair wreaks of 'black & milds'.

Here's a glimpse of how it CAN be.

Well tonight was a bad night mainly b/c I went in the club with straight hair and left wit damn near a FRO. I've been growing my hair out natural since January and any humidity swells it up : (
What to do, What to do

Think ima take a break from the club for a while. Taking time to realize why I go. Maybe I've grown out of it! Maybe not.

Probably not. Different clubs have different atmospheres, and they can be fun.
But a LONG break is needed! ; )