Thursday, February 24, 2011

Street Style @ MBFW (Fall 2011 Edition)

So, it seems I have made this somewhat of a ritual to capture the street style at New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!  As you know, I love the way an individual expresses themselves through fashion.

This year I had some technical dificulties with my camera, so I wasn't able to capture as much as I'd like, but I hope you enjoy.

Cold as Ice

Vintage Dior top

Grace Jonee Reincarnate
Coat Vintage
Necklace- Marie Franchesca Pepe


Salem-Fashion Stylist
Loved the studded Louboutin loafers! *official*

This is actually one of my MBFW compadres! lol
We spent a large portion of our time during MBFW roaming the city streets in search of the hottest party, and we found a few!
She put together some unique outfits, so I decided to share.
Fur coat-Urban Outfitters
Awesome jeweled clutch- Banana Republic
Velvet black leggings

Dapper Gent
He goes by the name of Rich February.
Cool people.
Custom designed his suit & fur collar.

This young lady was dressed in a look that she picked out from the J Crew, Crew Cut, store in NY!
Love those sequin harem pants!
Oh... to be young & fabulous ; )

More pictures to come...soon! Time is moving so fast these days. Very little time to blog.
BUT, I shall be back!!