Friday, July 17, 2009


Internet Slang/Abbreviations

I am speaking of virtual gestures like LOL = Laugh Out Loud. At this point I am behind the times in technology, and even though I am pretty young myself, I don’t know all the abbreviation meanings. Sooo, I’ve created a list to help myself, and maybe you can reference it if you fall behind on your techno lingo!

LLS=Laughing Like Shit
LTS= Laughing To Self
LMAO= Laugh My Ass Off (Some non cursers use B for butt instead of A for Ass)
ROTFLMAO=Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
WTF= What The Fu#k
BRB= Be Right Back
JAM= Just A Minute
AFK= Away From Keyboard
BTW= By The Way
BFN= Bye For Now
TTFN= Ta-Ta For Now
CUL8R= See You Later
CYA= See You Later (or Cover Your Ass)
IMHO= In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO= In My Not So Humble Opinion
PMSL= Pissing Myself Laughing
RTM= Read The Manual
PLZ or PLS= Please
FWIW= For What Its Worth
GAL= Get A Life
H&K= Hugs And Kisses
LABTYD= Life’s A Bi@ch then You Die
LJBF= Lets Just Be Friends
LTNS= Long Time No See
NOYB= None of Your Business
NFW= No Freaking Way
TOY= Think Of You
WDYT= What Do You Think
WAYTA= What are You Talking About (Made that up, but it works!)

Anyway, there are much more, but I’m done copying and pasting! You get it! I really just wanted to know what LLS meant, so I’m good. I like to learn, so once I start something, I kinda get engulfed in it.

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