Monday, July 20, 2009


SERIOUSLY... I was logging onto the web to do something else, and guess who pops up on the news-feed of my homepage. Freaking Michael Jackson, and I have to express my feelings before I explode. I am in a state of overload. I'm to the point where I kinda want to put him to rest, but how can a soul rest with this much attention.

WHY, WHY, WHY won't they leave him alone.
I love Michael, and always will. I grew up listening to his music. I know he was a good person. You can tell from his interviews and candid moments, he embodies an undeniable innocence. This man, who was misunderstood and constantly ridiculed throughout his lifetime, can finally find peace in death; but we have to let his soul rest. Let him live through his music and not the tabloids.

Love U Michael. May you rest in peace BROTHER.


  1. so true.

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing. I am sick of hearing people ridiculing MJ, obviously at a time when he can't defend his name. It's pathetic... I love your blog layout too- fresh colors that pop out on the black background :-)

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  3. I think there are many of us out there who are definately tired of the Press overload of Michael Jackson!! I have signed on as a new follower to your site. Check mine out too @

  4. I love Mj 's music and still do,my children are still very young and they love his music too.It's so sad that he had to go so soon.I love this page!