Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and the ADDICTION reigns on....

Hello, I am a shopaholic.

Today I faced the dreaded curse of after Christmas/New Year's/end-of-season sales....

Need I say more.

I overspent, when I was supposed to be saving.

Of course I had to hit up Victoria's Secret for the semi-annual sale. Not mad at that because I needed some new bras ; )

Next was Express....I made it out safe, but almost fell for a dress that was 1 size to big for me.

Then came Guess. They are doing 50% already reduced items. So I copped a dress that was moderately expensive, but really cute.

Bought a jacket, headband, and some jeans at Forever 21.

Then I walked past Nine West. Wasn't gonna go in because by that point I had spent a little over my budget.

HOWEVER, I went in to see what was available....harmless I thought!

They were having the best deal on boots, and boots are my weakness(one of them)! I found a pair that were only $50. Great deal!

THEN I remembered that I had a store credit at home for $26.49. Went home and got it!

Came back to buy that pair of boots, THEN I realized that I was only spending $25 on the boots so I might as well get those knee-high boots that are $75 as well.

Upon completing my purchase, the salesman says "I proud of you for getting both pairs!" WHAT...really? Of course you're proud; I just moved product from your shelf. But no one really knows the trouble I'm getting myself into. I just smiled gracefully!

To end the story....I paid $110 for two pair of boots, which is a great deal. However, I spent $110 beyond my budget. Yea $110 isn't really that much, but it is in my situation. AND, this happens more than it should. Oh, and I really only went to the mall for the Guess dress and to visit Victoria's Secret.

I'M DONE WITH SHOPPING FOR A WHILE. Hopefully I can lay off for the rest of the month.

I wanna make a BIG trip in February, and it won't be possible if I don't stop shopping.

If I can't control this I'll be at Shopaholics Anonymous REAL soon. LOL!


  1. oh don't I know it...I'm Jewish but non practicing so i don't get Christmas or Hanukkah! yesterday I dropped 60 on a dress at Urban Outfitters...the prettiest dress ever! It's green and frilly and has a zipper running down the front and forever21 was right next door...bad bad idea!

  2. LOL I think we all have these splurges and then realize what we are doing or what we need to be saving for and we slowly stop. Or all you have to do is tell yourself NO! and it tends to work for me.

  3. LOL...its so hard to be a woman with all the pretty temptations!

    Saying NO, doesn't work for me when I see something I really want I try just not going in the store at all. That should have been the case at Nine West...just keep walking. See no evil, buy no evil! Oh well, I still love my boots ;)