Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Blogger Girl

There is a young fashion blogger by the name of Tavi who is undoubtedly ahead of the game!

I mean seriously, I wish my blog was on the level that hers is on!  At the tender age of 13, Tavi has received some great opportunities in the fashion industry. She collaborated with many establised fashion brands such as Rodarte for Target. 

I have  secret on her though!!!

She hasn't made a post recently and it's because she was asked to cover the PARIS Haute Couture shows, which are happeneing now, for POP Magazine! 

That would be a dream for me!!  Seriously, I feel like a slacker hearing about stuff like this!

If she is making it this big at 13, I can tell she has a BRIGHT future in fashion! Go Tavi!!

P.S.  Super cute name!

Interviewing a model backstage at the Chirstian Dior show.

So cute.
She has the best, fearless personal style.

Visit Tavi's blog style rookie.

Photo creidt: tweetpics from @Grazia_Live and @IsaacLikes.


  1. Cool! It's crazy how she got discovered at such a young age.....only if I was into the internet like her when I was young, that could have possibly been me. =)

  2. I know, but we came along in a different era. The Internet was so new!! We must continue our journey, and be the best at what we do!!