Thursday, January 21, 2010

Milan: Men's Fashion Week Fall 2010

Yay! My first post on men's fashion! It's about time, but hey, girls have so much more pretty things to view and talk about!!

Men's Fashion Week in Milan just ended and I wish I was there!!

One major trend I noticed was that men are tucking thier pants into their boots, kinda like women.  This is a trend that can easily turn androgenous or even feminine because you kinda have to wear fitted pants.  Some of the pics below even look like the guys are wearing tights.


Louis Vuitton

So I guess you can do the tucked pants look with baggy jeans, IF the boots are bulky.

I can't really see this happening in real life (boots over tuxedo look), but I love the brown suit!

Moncler Gamme Bleu
Looking cozy!

Chris Brown, seen here, was in Milan for the shows.  He obviously got the boots memo, but I'm only in love with his look form head to knee.  This shows that your pants must be moderatly fitted. Chris: You can't mix your urban-style baggy pant with those slender boots. Doesn't flow to me, but overall I like his outfit. You know what they say; When in Milan.... tuck your pants into your boots! LOL

Another trend in men's fashion is plaid! Me likey!


Viktor & Rolf

Gianfranco Ferré
This may be a houndstooth, but it looks like plaid to me ; )

Z Zegna

Salvatore Ferragamo

Since we're on the men's fashion topic... Kudos to Andre 3000 for this look!

He's got the boots on and it's working for him. Pants are fitted enough, but not too tight! I love the green too. I may be bias, however, because I really dig his music!


  1. Plaid is madness...LOL. One time I went to the club and I promise about 10 guys had plaid on, I was over it but it does look nice on certain guys.

  2. LOL...yea, I bet it can go terribly wrong. If you are a guy, you must have style to pull off the plaid!!

  3. Where are your pictures and comments on the versace-show? It's the best collection shown in Milan!
    By the way - would you follow my blog please? It's brandnew and i need followers ;-)

  4. oh i love men with elegant coats and cardigan! my favourite outfits are those from burberry and vuitton

  5. Yea, I'm really digging LV too!