Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Déjà Vu

Today I reviewed the Ralph Lauren Spring 2009 runway looks.

Overall, I was underwhelmed (Michael Kors voice)!

I will always have much respect for the Ralph Lauren's clean cut, all-American style. The show was very fitting of the Ralph Lauren brand image, HOWEVER, I feel like I've seen some of the looks before. Yes, I know fashion always repeats itself, but there is always something new added to breathe life into the old.

This look in particular just struck a nerve.

I feel like I've seen this exact look on this exact MODEL in a RL spread in a fashion magazine years ago.
IDK, I'm sure there are some new elements to this year's suit (maybe the pin-stripes), but I'm feeling like déjà vu.

Furthermore, this dress is the perfect combination of innovation and catastrophe!

I do commend RL for thinking outside the box. They took the concept of the blue jean overall and made an evening gown.  I don't like it tho!! I mean WHO is gonna wear this? I don't see this making it to the red carpet, and if it does I forsee 'worst dressed winner'!!

There were some nice looks in the collection, but the show had some true BLAH pieces in my opinion.  I'm hoping RL's Fall 2010 collection is full of innovation and fabulousness ; )

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