Saturday, October 3, 2009

SHE by Sheree

Well, I'm a little late... as usual, but if you didn't know, Sheree from the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' debuted her clothing line at New York Fashion Week last month.

After all the time she's had, I wasn't WOWed by it. For those of you who don't watch the show, Sheree tried to produce a show about two years ago, and it was a FLOP because she had NO clue what SHE was doing! ANYWAYS, she did a little more research this time and was able to show her garments.

Like Mychael Knight said; I'm tired of these NBA wives coming out with clothing lines and having fashion shows. Its just another way for them to get attention. These ladies just don't understand that a fashion line doesn't just happen. You have to do the research and you HAVE to put in work, time, and SERIOUS effort. Sheree was the classic example of how failure can and WILL happen. I'm over it.

Smh...Here are the clothes.
The jumpsuit was the highlight...


That jacket is kinda interesting...

The middle look is cute

The dress on the right is pretty

The best piece of the line

And Sheree looking a HOT mess. The shoes would be dope on someone else, but they just don't work for me here...

For me, it was just OK. IDK, good first effort. But then again this IS the second go round!
Guess I'll wait for next season before I really start judging... ; )

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