Friday, October 9, 2009

Wait a minute...or Choo!

I can't believe it, but Jimmy Choo is doing a line for H&M. Actually, I can believe it! We're a recession and these BIG-WIG designers are beginning to cater to the more frugal me, LOL!

Let me start by saying I H&M because they have affordable FASHION. It's bitter sweet though, (my relationship with H&M) I am not happy that there isn't a location in my state, however, I'm glad because I would drop too much cash their if it were so easily accessible!

Back to the point! I am so happy that Jimmy Choo is bringing more style and design to one of my favorite stores. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the line...

Love the boots. Hmmm, when would I wear them?
Who cares...I need them!

I would do the dress w/o that belt!
Don't like that combo, but LOVE the dress!

I wonder is my ankles are to skinny for these....
probably not

Really like this purse, but I have a feeling it looks different in person.
I'll need to see it first!

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  1. Yes! I read about this a while ago. This will probably only be in the NY store though, but IDK the DC H&M got remodeled and it looks nice so they might just have these there.