Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fashion Icon: Dita Von Teese

I love the 1940's, pin-up, sultry, classy style of Dita Von Teese (born Heather Renee Sweet). Makeup is always perfect. She rarely, if ever, caught looking bad. Unlike some celebs, who will remain nameless (Katie Holmes), Dita doesn't leave the house looking a hot mess. She keeps the elegance flowing. So today, I'm honoring Ms. Dita with the IvyLi Fashion Award for consistent personal style!

She is popular for being an exquisite burlesque entertainer, and for being married to Marilyn Manson (UGH). Now, she has some racy photos out there, and I'm not promoting nudity or adult entertainment, but WHEN she dresses, she dresses with great style!

This is classic 'old Hollywood' glamour with a modern touch.

I love that Dita embraces her porcelain-white skin. So many women torture their skin, tanning every week, and it's just not worth it. PSA: THE SUN (tanning in general) IS THE #1 CAUSE OF SKIN AGEING. Having golden brown skin today isn't worth looking 50 when you're 40. Ladies, take care of your bodies. Love yourself fully. I you are Caucasian/white, you should NOT have the same complexion as me. And YES I have seen this....

Back to Dita!

I've always wanted to wear one of those 'old school,' 'organ smashing!' corsets. I LOVE the looks it gives....but I don't see how breathing is attainable!!! Yikes.

Elegant Temptress. I am living vicariously through her right now!!

Perfection! The bold color, the mix of hard and soft (military sleeves with the soft chiffon draping material) LOVE it!

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  1. Yeah I never really noticed but the women sure cab dress...although the corset picture makes me cringe! It looks so constricting!

  2. Beauty is pain!! LOL, or at least it can be. But yes, the woman has great style.