Saturday, October 24, 2009


I just realized that, when you are passionate about something, working at it is pleasure.

Soo, I got a new side gig!

I am a writer for the Examiner!! Title: Charlotte Fashion Examiner!! It's not like I'm writing for Elle Magazine or even the local newspaper, however it is good industry experience for me.

I just completed my first article, and I'm so excited. A little too excited, don't know why!!

I got home from the event I was reporting on, and got right to work! I just realized I've been sitting here for hours without the TV on. That never happens. I always have TV, at least in the background. Just goes to prove that FASHION = MY PASSION. I was also really inspired because I made some great industry contacts tonight!

I really need your help in making this a successful venture! Please visit

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I'm sending lots of LOVE into the universe!!

Be blessed my friends!