Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My NEW Obsession

So, I was walking through the mall the other day, and decided to stop in Sephora (just to play)!!

Didn't think I was gonna see anything new, but I was wrong.

Make up Forever has come out with some new an AMAZING color palette. Honestly, it's probably not new, but I've never seen it before.

I'm speaking of the flash color case. It's got 12 in bright and brilliant FLASH colors that can be used in a variety of ways on the eyes, lips, or cheeks (the colors are in the form of cream). I'm going through a phase right now, where I'm really into color. I sooooo want this Flash palette, but it's $100. I'm not being cheap but GEEZ LOUISE!!! I just don't think it would be smart for me to pay $100 for some color. I really don't even know if I would use all the colors.

Sephora also sells the colors separately, and they have some DOPE colors that aren't in the case. Those are $18 each. I'm thinking I'll buy the individuals until I get all the colors I like. Its tough though. I really want the palette. What to do, What to do. Welp, I've added a DONATE section! Feel free to donate to the cause. I NEED MAKE UP....FOREVER!!! LOL

I have to get those pastels in the bottom right corner. The purple, periwinkle, and aqua (blue/green) are amazing!!! Those will be the first one's I get if I don't get the palette.

A Make Up Forever look that I LOVE!
Wish more people walked the streets with this type of look!!
The world would be such a better place!!! LOL

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