Thursday, October 22, 2009

I need HELP!!!

Dear blogger friends,

It is now 4:15 AM, and I am WIDE awake....AGAIN :(

I've always had issues with sleeping, but it seems pretty bad these days.

I'm under sooooo much pressure to succeed; its all I can think about. My mind pops from one idea to the next, and on to the next. Always wondering and trying to figure out how I'm gonna do this, and how I'm gonna do that. GEEZ LOUISE. I NEED SLEEP!!

And the pressure (to succeed) I speak of is coming from no one but myself. I just feel like I can't stay here. I HAVE to grow and progress. I must prove myself beyond the imagination of all those who doubt(ed) me. This life is so short, and how horrible would it be to reach the end and not have accomplished any of your DREAMS. Then sometimes I get scared that I won't succeed. That I will allow fear and/or laziness, or even lack of money, to hold me back from what I want. I guess it's true that the only thing to fear is fear itself. I mean WOW. I just gotta make something happen....MAN.

Now I gotta stress over sleep too. Does anybody have ideas about easing the mind and/or sleep remedy? Don't want to get into a cycle of taking sleeping pills. I really want to try acupuncture, but then again I feel like I should invest that money into my future... Who knows if it will work anyway. I will probably try it eventually though. Been thinking about it for a while.

Well... yea, I'm sounding like a definite 'head case' right now, but I feel a little better getting my thoughts out into the universe!

Thanks 4 reading all!! MAYBE, I'll get some sleep before work. LOL

Peace & Love


  1. Hey Girl! I think with this situation all you can do is try to possibly write a goal list out for yourself and nothing too crazy/impossible, that would really make you not get sleep. The process of being able to cross things off is fulfilling in my opinion. Don't stress too hard, we are still in our 20's which is considered the experimental years so just keep striving and write down some goals and ways to put them into action. I hope this helps. =)

  2. Thanks girl, I was just really going through it last night!! You mentioned this before, but I didn't do it. I think I will today! Maybe right before I fall asleep!