Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed in much?? This calls for a...

Mock Photoshoot!!!
: D

Lol, I've been in the house ALL day long; trapped in a winter wonderland.  I got SUPER bored and decided it was time to start my modeling career! LoL, just kidding.  Just decided to put some random clothes on and snap away!  The white blanket of snow creates such great scenery, might as well take advantage!
This is my favorite coat at the moment. It looks way better in person tho. Kenneth Cole Reaction.
Carlos Santana boots
Fur collar from Ann Taylor Loft.
Liz Claiborne clip-ons. I love huge clip-on earrings.
Belt--IDK where I got it!

Love my leather jacket from Express.
American Apparel skirt, which I've never worn!
Demin bustier, which I've never worn!
Steve Madden bootie.
Leather studded gloves from Marshalls : )

My Snow Bunny Look!!
(don't know which I like better)
Yea, so I bought this faux fur coat years ago knowing I would never wear it! It was on sale, and I...I...I don't know! If you've been following my blog, you get my drift : )
  Anyway, it's from  a boutique.
White dress from Express.
Well, that's it! Glad I at least got a chance to wear some clothes that I have never worn, and may never wear again, even if it was just in my back yard! So I guess my modeling career will be put on hold, but I'll never let fashion go! I have been wanting to do a professional photoshoot lately tho...just for the heck of it.  Guess the next step is finding a GREAT photographer!
Happy Snow Day!!


  1. LOL cute...I was so gonna shoot in the snow on Sunday but I got soooo freakn' maybe next time it snows, I'll do it. I hope it doesn't again honestly...LOL.

  2. Definitely do it! But yes, I used to LOVE the snow, but cabin fever took over this time. I can wait til next year! lol