Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's Really Going On Here??!


Ok, so this image was in the December issue of Vogue (you know, the FASHION magazine)! I'm just a little lost here! I'm not seeing much fashion. I guess the hunched shoulders look is getting a little old for models, and they are trying to create new posing techniques. LOL! This is just not it though! The model, Daria Werbowy, looks as if she cleansing herself in an O SO inappropriate way! And the guy behind her looks as if he's on a mission. What mission....IDK!!

Fashion can be SO funny sometimes!


  1. LOL, this is pretty odd for Vogue...I am going to have to see what other weird ish they have in there...LOL

  2. Ya I know....weird 4 Vogue! I found this on the Internet, so it may not be American Vogue, but it's one of the Vogue Dec. issues. Makes me wanna buy it too, just to see what the theme was 4 this photo spread! lol

  3. Cool pics didnt know Vogue was like that