Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is Steve Madden a Thief?

Turns out that Steve Madden's fashion forward designs aren't always original. The brand has been sued a SECOND time recently for copying designer shoes. That's just not right...LOL Can you tell the the original from the "alleged" copy??

I remember seeing these shoes in a magazine when they came out. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but these are the Balenciaga 'Lego' shoes from 2007.
On the left is Steve Madden ($99.95); right is Balenciaga ($4175).


I remember wanting these shoes SO bad back when I saw them in that magazine. BUT....I knew I would never be able 2 afford them! The Steve Madden version isn't as cute when you put them side by side, but if I would have known of them in 07, I would have considered purchasing them!! NO LIE. Gotta get the look w/o breaking the bank!! But now I'm glad I didn't know. In retrospect, Steve Madden probably hurt Balenciaga's sales. Maybe...


  1. Yes- I saw these shoes at Baker's Shoes in Detroit. Absolutely loved them, and it's funny that you pointed this out. I wish I could have found them on their site because a different label definitely copied too!

  2. Yea, but I'm gonna look into that b/c Baker's always has a Steve Madden look alike... Maybe they are sister stores. IDK, maybe Baker's just likes to copy Steve Madden? Thatnks 4 commenting!