Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random RANT!!

Youtube SUCKS!!

I decided to take some time to read some of the blogs I follow today. Of course, most posts have some sort of live video...mainly youtube. GOSH, what is with all the stalling?? I mean, it's 2009, almost 2010! Why hasn't youtube perfected its systems to make video viewing more efficient? They need a better IT team! It shouldn't take 5 minutes to watch half of a 2:24 min. spot!! I'm very annoyed, technology really irks me sometimes.

On another note, I am very hurt to announce (if you don't already know) that actress Brittany Murphy died today of cardiac arrest at the YOUNG age of 32. Very sad. I feel emotionally connected, and I don't know why. I did really like her as an actress tho :(

Today is dedicated to her. If you haven't seen Uptown Girls, starring Brittany & Dakota Fanning....GO RENT IT! That is how I will remember her. Bright, bubbly, a little out of it, but someone you would want to get to know!

Another 1 lost in 2009....

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