Thursday, December 24, 2009

New BOOK!!

Ha! Betcha thought I was gonna tell ya about a new book I'm reading!! Nope, this is more of a guilty pleasure, that I won't even feel guilty for because I'm not gonna buy it!! LOL, don't tell!

I came across these pics 4 free, so I'm sharing them with you!

This is John Galliano at his BEST. Photographer Roxanne Lowit, along with others, has been compiling these photos of Dior runway looks (backstage) for years at the O SO FABULOUS and legendary Christian Dior fashion shows!!!

1 word

Someone PLEASE do this to my face!

Freaky FUN!

I call this Marie Antoinette on ACID!

Oh, and I LOVE that they used diversity in this book!!
I mean who wants to see the same girl over and OVER.
Color, variety....I dig it!

The brow detail gives me everything!!


Looks like a geisha vampire to me! Love it!

This IS fashion defined!

African QUEEN!

IDK??? But I like it!

Native American Spirit... RESURRECTED!!


AHHHhhhh, I love Dior so much more now!!
If you want to see more you can buy the book for $75 on Amazon. It's called Backstage Dior!
Thank you Roxanne for the WONDERFUL experience ;)