Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tao Asian Bistro

Located in the Venetian Hotel/Casino on the Vegas Strip. Las Vegas, NV

Atmosphere: Very modern, yet classic Asian theme. Wonderful walk-way/ foyer entrance. Large, gorgeous statues. Hues of Burgundy, brown and black. Chic, very chic. Huge lamps hanging from the ceilings. Perfectly dimmed lighting. Once getting into the dining area the tables were a little closer together than I expected, but not bad. Overall, very ZEN! ----> Me in the entrance.

Initial Treatment: We were taken to our table at the same time as another couple that arrived just after us. We were seated directly in front of the kitchen, and the other couple was taken to another, more reasonably placed, table. That was kinda fishy. We requested another table, and were taken upstairs to a better location.

Server: Very nice, explained the bulk of the menu.

Pricing: SUPER expensive, but that was expected since this is a very nice, well-known hotel on the Vegas strip. I remember seeing some celebrity, or maybe it was a reality star, go there on TV before; so I know it's well known.

Food: Glass of Sake: $11
          Wasabi crusted filet mignon (a la carte), served w/ 3 onion rings as garnish:
          Vegetable fried rice: $12
The steak was delicious, and it better have been for that price! Very moist, and seasoned just enough to take it beyond your average steak. Food came out VERY quickly after ordering (PLUS, PLUS). Yummy chocolate fortune cookies came with the check. I love fortune cookies!!

Sidebar: Went to the bakery in the Bellagio hotel/casino for dessert. It's gorgeous in there. They make the best crapes.

Recommendation: If you make it to Vegas, go to Tao for a great Asian meal, wonderful atmosphere and good service.

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