Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charlotte, NC Fashion Week...Yeah it exists!!

Who knew the Queen City had a fashion week! I say (all the time) that Charlotte is the new Atlanta. It has really been blossoming into a powerful metropolitan area in the last few years, but I was completely jarred when I found out that this past week was Charlotte's "fashion week." Yeah but you can tell the city is still growing when fashion "week" lasts only three days. It was more like fashion weekend, but we all have to start somewhere! Also this is only it's second year in existence.

The shows ran from Thursday September 10th-Saturday September 12th at the Mint Museum. I found out Friday night, so I was only able to catch the Saturday show. I'm glad I made it though. If it's fashion, I'm there; and you don't get too much of it in Charlotte.

The Clothes.
Honestly, I wasn't wowed by the clothes. Some were good, but not what I would call high fashion. I had to keep telling myself, "this isn't New York fashion week." Almost all of the clothes were made well. There was one company that sent some puckered seams down the runway. Their line was more about the scarfs than the actual dresses but, in a runway show, the entire look MUST be styled and sewn well. There might have been some better fashion on Thursday & Friday that I missed. ???

Meet the models.
I must be honest and say the I was more wowed by the models, than the clothes they were wearing! Make-up was done by MAC cosmetics, and hair was done by Varji Varji Salon.

This is Jessica (age: 22); represented by E agency. When she walked the runway, I was like "I know her from somewhere." Turns out she used to work at one of my favorites stores.
Anyway, her favorite beauty product is mineral make-up by Mica Bella. I have some of their eyeshadow, and I really like it too!

This is Daira (age: 15). I think she modeled in the bridal wear segment, which I arrived late to : / !! She was very cute and sweet! Obviously young. She models for an agency called Ice. Her favorite beauty product is Colossal mascara by Maybelline. Maybe she's born w/it, Maybe it's Maybelline. Ha Ha

These were some models in bridal "couture." Not my idea of couture, but it fits the definition. Custom-made and fashion forward. Hey, it's Charlotte... not NY!
This is me with the director of Charlotte, NC Fashion Week, Anthony Simons. His companies (Networkz2000 & Plitzs Fashion Marketing) began the annual show last year, and plan to continually grow the event. Please believe I got the card. Must keep networking game up!
So, next year I plan to attend and work the event IF I'm not doing anything better! I could probably model as well. Hell, I could definitely fit in with the models I saw! We'll see what happens...