Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearlessly Pursuing My Passion

So, I went 2 Vegas for a vacation, but my trip was primarily planned around the MAGIC marketplace.

No, not Abra Cadabra magic , I'm speaking of the fashion and apparel tradeshow called MAGIC. Originally meaning "Men’s Apparel Guild in California," and eventually gaining women's apparel in 1995 amid its partnership with WWD (Women's Wear Daily trade publication).

Basically MAGIC brings international buyers and vendors of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, footwear, accessories and sourcing resources together in a venue to trade.

Had to find a way in since I couldn't volunteer like I wanted to, and it was a struggle. You are only allowed to register if you are with a company that is buying or selling at the event. Me, I was just trying to be in the environment to soak up all the information and contacts that I could. I won't say how I got registered, but just know I did! I will, however, send shouts to my new friends. Thanks for the help, Smooches!!

Once I got in it was like a wonderful dream. I felt like a kid in a candy shoppe with all the pretty things around me. The brands, the beauty, the merchandising, the fabulous people, the FREE stuff. OMGGG! Yea, it was great. These are a coupe of booths.

TIME 2 GET DOWN 2 BUSINESS!! I definitely worked my networking skills; got a few contacts. Actually, I got a lot of contacts, but I will follow up on a few good ones! I also met others like myself, very few though, that were trying to break into this crazy industry.

I attended some industry seminars that were complimentary for registered attendees. Learned some good things.

On the last day, many vendors did samples sales. OOOooo, I'm piddling in my panties just thinking about it!! I bought SOOOoooo many accessories. Like 6 pair of sunglasses, and some amazing jewelry. Too bad the clothing brands weren't sampling, I would have dropped even more cash. For that reason, I'm glad they weren't!

People watching was also a fun experience from the tradeshow. Everyone had their own personal style and since this was an event rooted in fashion, most people were dressed to the T.

Anyway, the lesson to learn from this (if there is one at all) is to go for what you want. Continue to put yourself out there, and eventually you will achieve your greatest goals. Of course, I'm not there yet, but I'm one step closer!!


  1. WOW! Great post...and kudos to getting in....LOL. You might have to post some pics of what stuff you got.

  2. Thanks! Yea, I prob should... gotta unpack first. I took sooo many clothes with me, now I don't feel like unpacking all my stuff!