Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You know what REALLY grinds my gears???

When I splurge on something cool, and then see an imitation at some store like Forever 21!!

Now, I am a true frugalista, meaning I know a good bargain and I take advantage of them regularly!!

However, I also like quality in my clothing, so I try to find deals on nice things.

Lately, Nordstron has become one of my favorite stores.  I was there yesterday....impulse shopping!!

A few months ago, I purchased these babies at Nordstrom.

Jessica Simpson
They look great on, and it's a great shoe for bar-hoping, clubbin, or just a fun night out!

They were approx. $85 on sale. Usually I won't pay that much for a Jessica Simpson shoe, b/c you can get them at Marshalls and on sales at Department stores, like Macy's.  However, I really wanted them so...purchased : )

When I was in NY for fashion week, I made a trip to Century 21, which has discounted designer clothing and such.... I saw the same shoe for approx. $68.  Wasn't too upset, because by that time I had mine for a couple months.

THEN, the other night I was at a local mall and decided to stop in Charlotte Russe, a store similar to Forever 21 or Wet Seal. I don't usually shop Charlotte Russe because I know 1.) a lot of things don't meet my 'quality' standards & 2) I know that a lot of girls shop there, and the last thing I wanna do is be running around in something everyone has or everyone knows where I got it! Ya dig? No offense to Charlotte Russe shoppers. I did buy some bracelettes from there, and I shop Forever 21, but you get my drift!

Anyway while I was there I saw these...

This is Charlotte Russe's version of my Jessica Simpson shoe (in white). UGHHHHhhhh!!
At FULL PRICE, they are only $14.99 or $29.99 (I can't remember!).

Grrrrr! Makes me mad! I can just see me out and some lil' girl saying "Cute shoes! Did you get them from Charlotte Russe?" My reply would be: "Umm...NO!"

I mean the Charlotte Russe version is OBVIOUSLY not leather, or of the same quality as my Jess. Simp's, but some people can't tell the difference!

LOL, just venting!

This happens all the time i.e. This Steve Madden situation.


  1. you have made my day lol some people just dont care about these things :) very funny :) love it :) x

  2. Thanks girl!! At least someone can feel where I'm coming from :)