Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old style

So the oldest person in America, Mary Josephine Ray, died Sunday.
She was 114 years old.
See her below.

OMG, I think she is so cute.
Seriously for a woman her age, the outfit is kinda rocking!! I know I'm a wierdo, but I can really see her thriving in the ROARING 20's.

Can't you?
She looks like a flapper... retired.
I think it's the short bob and the black fringe on her pocket.
The gold cane is so official too. I mean who do you know, that actually has to use a cane, that has one with that type of flair?? That's definitely not my grandmother's cane!

Feeling a flapper moment coming on!

Yea, that was her time!
And when you do the math, she was 24 in 1920...so I gonna go ahead and say she WAS flapping with the best of 'em!


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