Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I knew this was a BAD idea!

If you missed the Spring 2010 Chanel runway show, please click here to view it!

Ok so you know that clogs were a major trend via Chanel.

Clogs can be done cute & quirky as seen in the Chanel show, but in the wrong hands they can go SO wrong. Unfortunately, many of us have the wrong hands for clogs. I am not feeling this trickled-down version of clogs that were displayed in the Teen Vogue March issue.

Icky, Icky, Yuck, Yuck!!

Please stop the madness. Clogs are NOT cool... especially for Spring...especially when they are made of rain boot material and are purple with polka-dots!
I think the Chanel clogs are cute, and the high heels make them more fashionable!
What has happened in this Teen Vogue issue, however, is that people saw this runway trend and it is now trickling down to ready-to-wear and moderately priced versions. During the trickle-down process, designs are often altered. I'm not feeling these alterations.

Please don't fall for the idea that clogs, just any kinda clogs, are cute just because they are 'trendy' right now.  If you find some that are actually it out & more power to you. BUT, please don't fall victim to this trend.

Here is former model/tv host, Alexa Chung, rocking clogs.

She looks great. I kinda feel like she just did this because it was a trend on the Chanel she may not have done this before! Buy hey, that's fashion!!

Have fun with it, but PLEASE don't fall victim!


  1. Yeah, the clogs can either go good or bad. I think the higher heel they are, the better they look. My old pediatric doctor would wear clogs everyday back in the day and she probably still wears them...LOL...