Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I spotted this pic of June Ambrose, celeb stylist, a few weeks ago rocking this ultra-chic turban, and it struck a nerve.

Then I saw this image in a BCBGMaxazria catalog, that I recieved today.
(Sorry for lack of image sharpness)
Are turbans back from the 30's-50's era?? I sure hope so! So chic.
You must be bold to wear one, though. So many of us hide behind the safety of our hair.  If we don't have enough, we add more. To cover most, if not all of the hair, and reveal the features of the face is a bold move. It seems now, however, the modern girl's turban is worn with her hair down in the back or showing in some way. Us modern girls love our locks!

Either way, I'm all for it  = D
I think I NEED a turban!

; )



  1. Turbans are fabulous! Especially when they are worn with a sharp and powerful outfit (like the fur coat) and sunglasses are a must - then it's very old hollywood. Go for it!
    If you were a turban in a dress-it-down kind of way the danger is to end up looking like a cleaning lady - like the model with the yellow dress. She just misses a dustbuster...

  2. Ahhh! Hugo,I love your opinions...always so refreshing and funny! LOL @ the cleaning lady!