Wednesday, February 10, 2010

N the building!!!

There comes a time in every TRUE fashionista's life when she experiences her first New York fashion week. There will be many more to come in her lifetime, but this is a time she will hold dearly in her heart and remember forever. Well, that time has come for this fashionista, and I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!

Things didnt really work out the way I planned, but I had my plane ticket to NY already, so I was coming anyway, and determined to make this trip successful!  Finally I got a gig, and I began working in the tents today because of my dertermination and drive!! I didn't know if my plan to work at fashion week would actually come into fruition, but you know how the fashion world is-->>Busy and UNpredictable. And you know how I am-->> Fearless Passion

Fashion week officially starts tomorrow! Do expect to hear more : D

In other news, I'm so in love with NY, I'm just happy to be here again.  However, this snow is NOT cool! Slipped several times today, but I have yet to fall.  That's all that matters  ; )


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