Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Stunning Black History Moment

I have much appreciation for this month called February! It is, after all, the month I decided  to grace the world with my presence.  It is also Black History Month.

I was watching 'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge' last night on LMN, and thought "what a great representation of Fearless Passion in our black history!"

Oh, and what a glamorous BEAUTY icon!

Dandridge broke down several barriers in the entertainment industry. She scored the leading role in the first all black cast production, Carmen Jones.  From that role, Dandridge was nominated for Best Actress in the Academy Awards. She was the first black woman to receive this honor.

With her success, also came many struggles. She dated the producer of Carmen Jones, Otto Preminger, and it was a troubled relationship. I don't know why she dated him. He was NOT attractive, but I guess it was because of his power and persuasion. See them below with Dorothy's sister Vivian on left.
She had many successes in life, but at the peak of her stardom, her life quickly became very troublesome and ended with an untimely demise.

After watching her story, and reading this excerpt, I have gained much more admiration for Dorothy Dandridge. When you look at someone so famous and beautiful, you tend to think they have it all. That their life is as close to perfect as possible. Sometimes this is true, but in some cases they are suffering with their own personal battles that extend far beyond our imagination. God bless her soul...

If you haven't seen 'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge', it is a MUST see!

 In Carmen Jones

In her memory...tear

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