Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Experience (Giveaway inside!)

It was AMAZING!!!

I worked about 6 shows; would have done more, but I had to leave NY half-way through the week.

I'm happy that my 1st NY fashion week was the last at Bryant Park. Makes it even more memorable.

It was really interesting to see what all goes into the prepartaion, set-up, and dismantling of a larger scale fashion show.
I swear I haven't done that much physical labor in a while. Carrying heavy stuff, running through the cold to deliver stuff, making sure people are where they are supposed to be and not where they aren't, lifting, tearing, and more. All in all, it was physically draining, but mentally inspiring!! Met a lot of great people. I was constantly walking by celebrities like they were just average joes. Didn't have much time to talk, and...really I'm just NOT into the groupie thing!! It was funny to see how celebs interact though. One thing I learned from body language alone is that Wendy Williams does NOT like Kimora Lee Simons....LOL!!

One show that I wasn't expecting much from, but ended up loving was Lacoste. We all know Lacoste as the classically chic clothing line with LOTS of polos!! I was thinking I was gonna see a bunch of reconstructed polos or something, but the show was pretty good. The first few looks were head-to-toe cream/colorless. The clothes were cute but the color pallete was blah. But then BAM; Color! Pink, red, teal, blue, yellow. It was gorgoeus, and I liked the flow/progression of looks ; )

Color blocking...I also saw that trend in the BCBGMAXAZRIA collection, done differently of course!
Yay! My first blogger giveaway!!
I LOVE it because I worked the show, and I'm into fashion and history...
I'm giving away the Lacoste gift that was given to the guests of the show. Some shows have gift bags; Lacoste gave away 'Lacoste: The Element of Style' books.
Valued @ $50
"This book illuminates the contemporary relevance of the legacy of René Lacoste, who, in his glory days at the end of the Roaring Twenties, was the best tennis player in the world. A conqueror, an innovator, a designer, he always displayed a certain flair. And those qualities endure."
-From the press info.

It's pretty cool. As you can tell, I had to pull out the reader glasses....LOL!!!

Giving the red or green book to whoever wants...
Just let me know which color you want, and what you thought about the Lacoste show!
If more than 1 person is interested, I'll pick someone
on Monday Feb. 22!


  1. I don't really know too much about the fashion industry, but I can agree with your comment about believing that Lacoste's show would be pretty blah. I expected to see the same things as you, with the polos and such. But it was quite surprising and unique. Very colorful and vibrant! Nice looking models to compliment the collection.

    I'd like the red Lacoste book :-)

  2. IVY!!! Your experience sounds pretty great and very different from mine. I wish I would have lugged my butt to Bryant Park but I did get a see a pretty cool show. I have so much to write about my weekend, but I keep holding off writing LOL. I def want one of those books, I love the white one and my birthday is MONDAY, Feb 22nd so that would be a great gift. =)

  3. I just saw you said red or green so the green one would be pretty GREAT! =) If I am picked.

  4. how exciting that you had hte opportunity to work the Lacoste show!!I love the bold use of color-- i'm tired of wearing black for winter.

    speaking of giveaways! you one the nuNAAt giveaway on my blog:) email me w/ your address