Thursday, September 23, 2010

William Tempest Fashion Show {Backstage Exclusive!}

I got a last minute opportunity to work the William Tempest show at fashion week and I was so excited for another wonderful experience.  William is another designer that I'd never heard of, but won't forget. His clothes were exquisite! This was his first showing at New York fashion week, and I have a feeling it won't be the last. He's already made ties with Victoria Beckham, a fellow Brit who has worn his clothes in the past. I definitely saw a few pieces in this collection with her name all over it!

I must note. One thing that was very different about fashion week this year at it's new location, Lincoln Center, is that some venues were for presentations and instead of runway shows. This particular show was a presentation set-up. The models basically rotated in still positions. Interesting, and I guess it worked for some designers, but for me personally...I don't think there's anything better than a moving garment on a lite runway. However, this may have been a less expensive alternative for newer designers or jewelry designers like one other presentation I worked. I miss Bryant Park, but there are some great things about Lincoln Center, namely the huge space and chic atmosphere.

Soft draping organza's and chiffon's meet structure in William Tempest's “The Sirens’ Song” collection. His designs were inspired by crustaceans of the sea and such. I will show in detail below!

Umm...let's begin with the make up, because it is too lovely to be overlooked! When I saw the models in make up backstage I couldn't see where they were going with this look, but I learned a while ago to never doubt a skilled artist! In this photo, the make up creates an ethereal siren/sea-creature look...I love it!

Now back to the clothes. The structure and shapes were great!

This was his show piece. →      When I saw it on the rack, I said..."I'm dressing this model!" Secretly, I was just wishing I could wear it myself, but I since I couldn't, I did what I could! lol But, let's talk about the print. He did this print on several dresses in nude and coral. At first, I thought it was just some design, but if you look closely you'll see how it's tied to the theme of the collection.

The print is a woman's form with crab-like claws. They really put some thought into achieving this theme. I think it's kinda cool! Not just some digital print.

And on to the draping. He did a few jumpsuits that were pretty gorg!



Backstage was actually a bit relaxed, at least for a fashion show, but I guess the lack of runway show made things easier.

Me backstage during the show....I was a little fatigued from the 5:30 AM call time and the 1 1/2 hours of sleep I'd gotten the night before! All in the name of fashion!
~Fearless Passion~

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