Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion's Night Out in Soho [Amongst a Sea of New Yorkers!]

Fashion's Night Out was great! Lots of energy in the streets of NYC! This is why I love that city. Never a dull moment. In the city where I reside, I only heard of one store participating in FNO activities, but there were so many options in NYC. It kinda made it hard to choose, but Soho was a no-brainer. Shops, and shops, and shops GALORE! The streets were flooded like it was New Year's Eve at Time Square. I actually had to wait in a line to get OUT of the subway...#Madness!

Once I met my party, we basically hopped from shop to shop. At first I was on the search for cocktails! I got there kinda late, so most stores had run out of them. Bummer. But I eventually found some!
First store was Prada. Even beyond the Swarms of people inside, I could feel the luxe-ness in the air ;)
Just a glimpse inside the main lobby of the Prada store. People everywhere.
Posing for Prada
Keri & I

Winter Wonderland by Prada!! While I was taking this shot, I was kindly told by a very large security personnel that no pictures were allowed to be taken. #YIKES! I quickly snapped and moved on ;)

We moved on to J. Crew, lots of boutiques, Michael Kors, Zara and the list goes on. Forever 21 had the best music. I heard from a few drunken friends that Nike had the best drinks. Open bar, I heard. I missed out on that one!

To conclude, FNO was really created to help bring business to retailers in the midst of this dreadful recession. Vogue's version of a bail-out plan, I guess! So, I'm proud to say I helped the fight by actually making a purchase! Steve Madden was giving away scratch off cards, and mine was for 40% off. Love my new ankle booties, and I've already gotten tons of compliments. Good purchase.

More Pics Below
"Shopping" at Michael Kors (lol)

My FNO look!

Stylish female DJ's on the 1's&2's in most stores!

Crazy packed in the Steve Madden store. Don't know if I would have made it working in there all night. But, I'm sure they made 1 HECK of a commission check! Took a minute to get my shoes to try on, but they were pretty quick considering the circumstances!
Harajuku girls promoting Gwen Stephani's fragrances in a pink truck on the street...cute!

Had Fun. Can't wait til next year!


  1. GREAT POST! Next Fashion Night Out, I am going with you mam! We started so late waiting on people....ugh! I got no liquor...didn't go in any stores...SMH! There is always NEXT YEAR! =)

  2. Thanks, Lol! Yesss, I shoulda started earlier too. Those drinks run out quick! Ye we gotta get together next year and leave ON TIME!! hehehe