Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New York Fashion Week [Through my eyes!]

So, I've taken my precious time to do a fashion week post, but I was definitely in the building so my experiences must be shared!

Let me begin by saying that this time around, I really began to notice how anal and sometimes even ridiculous "fashion people" can be. However, I do understand that people are super tense because they are resting tons of money on less than 15 minutes! In short, everything had to be PERFECT!! AND, some random person (or persons) is always there to put in their two cents because of their silly little position/status/rank! lol

I worked 4 shows and got to attend 1 as a guest, so fashion week was pretty eventful and fun for me!! The first show I worked was "Edition" Georges Chakra. I'd never heard of this designer before, but after witnessing his work, I'll never forget! I expect to see at least one of his gowns on a red carpet next award show season! Check it out some of my favorite looks

I loved the weaving he did on the bodice of most of the dresses. On the runway, these dresses came ALIVE as the fabric flowed like water. It was so gorgeous! The colors were great. I only had 1 issue, and that was with the last gold dress on the left. The woven bodice was thick, and the loose flowing fabric at the bottom hung like dead weight a little off of it...I would still wear it any day, though! ;)

I also worked the Prabal Gurung show. Very interesting. I almost freaked when Rachel Zoe walked in, but luckily the "groupie"thing isn't my style! I was working after all... The show was full of lots of little chic dresses, feminine suits, and a few separates. There was lots of texture, but the photos don't really do the clothes justice. Maybe the white runway background wasn't the best choice for this particular show, but here are some looks.

Sorry for the picture OVERLOAD, but I just want to share the world with you! Lol, and I apparently have a problem with editing!
I love how he used the graphic print that you see in coral above to the right. He used this print and one other blue print on several dresses. Gorgeous nude/gold suits and tailored, yet feminine trench coats were seen and loved as well!

Stay tuned for more fashion week posts!
xoxo -Ivey

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