Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Natural Hair Debut

Shortly after January 2, 2009, the date of my last relaxer, I began what many women in the African-American community refer to as the natural journey!

This journey is the transition from using chemical straighteners/relaxers to revert back to the natural state of the hair, which I might add is NOT straight by any means. LOL!

Why, you may ask, would I make this decision?  Despite the obvious reason of "getting back to my roots, or embracing my heritage," I decided to go natural because relaxers were burning the CRAP out of my scalp every month or so that I had to get one.  I am an ingredient freak, and I just didn't feel comfortable allowing those harsh chemicals to seep and tear into my scalp as often as they did. I was also digging the curly style of natural black hair, and I wanted to enjoy the options that our hair provides (curly, straight, wavy, braided, etc.).

My hair is now fully natural (no relaxed ends) and I have the opportunity to wear it natural, but I have yet to do so. I'm just not sure it's for me, and I haven't taken the time to experiment with different styles.
This is me on an average day; hair blown out and flat ironed.

I was in the process of washing my hair the other day, and decided to stop and do a mini (homemade) photo shoot!! Time to show off my natural locks...online if nowhere else!

Feeling like Cleopatra Jones... ; )

Ethnic Diva...!

Just after taking these photos, I got out the ole' blow dryer and flat iron, and got down to business.  Soon, very soon, I will be ready to rock the natural doo, I just have to get use to it...

Whatcha think?
Yay or Nay? 


  1. Definitely rock the natural doo! It suits you so well! Your hair looks very healthy, I'm envious. Thinking about starting the long journey to natural myself but I love my relaxers so we'll see...

  2. Your hair is gorgeous!! I agree, you should definitely rock the natural doo!

  3. Thank you ladies!! That's 2-0 :)
    Angela all I can tell you is perseverance is key!! The journey isn't for everyone, but if you take it, you will see great changes in your hair!
    Good Luck

  4. So beautiful! You hair looks so great in it's natural state. Rock it girl!

  5. Your hair looks beautiful in the curly fro and flat ironed too.
    I have a curly fro and would love to experiment with flat ironing.
    What flat iron and products do you recommend?
    Thanks! Love your blog btw; I discovered it via a retweet by June Ambrose
    On twitter.