Monday, June 28, 2010

Actively Fashionable

Activewear gone chic...Humph, who woulda thought?

Actually, I've been on the HUNT for fashionable activewear, and let me tell's quite hard to find! However, I ran across a fairly new line by Fornarina, Sportgalm, and it seems to be a step outside the norm!

If you have a minute to spear, check out the Fornarina Sportglam Fashion Show. It's a bit long! The actual clothing doesn't come out until about 6 minutes in, but it is quite entertaining all the way through...

So to say the least, I am quite intrigued by this take on activewear! However, there is a DILEMMA!!

Fornarina is an European-based brand. It is sold internationally, but nowhere in my state (for retail). I found some Sportglam shoes online, and they are perfect for what I need, BUT there is only 1 size left! Not my size. Smh! Fornarina needs more vendors in my area.

Either way, I'm glad to see a brand that brings a little flair to activewear! ;)

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