Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fashion Bares it all...

Flipping through the pages of fashions magazines, these days, should require parental advisory...


... (O_o) ...

So, it seems fashion (or clothing rather) is becoming less & LESS relevant in fashion magazines. Of course, sex sells, but I'm sure that in the tail end of the current "recession," designers and retailers can find more than bare nipples for fashion magazines to sell. 

I do realize that many fashion magazine spreads are about creating/portraying a particular look, theme or mood, and I suppose some looks are better achieved through the addition of partial nudity. However, when I see pictures like the one below... it gets to be a bit much (for me).

Call me prudish, but if I can decipher which bikini design the model chose, I begin to feel like I'm looking at Playboy, not V magazine. I mean this girl had a 25 page spread, and her nipples were featured in most.

In short: I think nipples have become the next best accessory in fashion. Hope you have yours ready for next season! LOL

Who did it FABulously?? --->> Heidi Klum in Allure Magazine, April 2010
I really like this spread. Sort of super woman-ish.

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