Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clublife... IDK

Well, just got back from the club and I need to get some things off my mind.

I just don't know if this is for me anymore. Use to frequent the club (once or twice a week) throughout college. There were times when I took a break, but I went quite often. Lately, though, I've been noticing that the club is getting less and less attractive to me. Now I'm wondering WHY I even go. Hmmm..

>To meet 'cute' guys
How many times do those relationships work out? Not saying they never do, but really!

>To chill wit friends
Who you can barely hear ova da music. Basically you watch them get wasted, which can be hilarious OR embarrassing! Someone always ends up mad at some dumbass boy who is treatin them wrong... and now U have to console them

>To get a lil' tipsy!
But is that really what you should be doing with your life? IDK, it can be fun though!

>To dance
Well I guess you would call it grinding... thats what it looks like. Ppl might as well go home and have sex for putting in all that effort! I can't really do too much dancing with the little dresses I wear! Gotta show some leg!

Ppl are constantly bumping into you. It's like a never ending series of 'Excuse me'; 'My bad'; 'O your bad'; 'Nah ur good'; 'Ur excused'. MAN I really don't like random ppl in my space!

Then the girls. UGGHHH. Bending over and shaking their ass in any direction they please. Ummm, MOVE. There is another female standing here... not a dude, so chill out.

Smoke all in your face. I really don't like that. The next day your hair wreaks of 'black & milds'.

Here's a glimpse of how it CAN be.

Well tonight was a bad night mainly b/c I went in the club with straight hair and left wit damn near a FRO. I've been growing my hair out natural since January and any humidity swells it up : (
What to do, What to do

Think ima take a break from the club for a while. Taking time to realize why I go. Maybe I've grown out of it! Maybe not.

Probably not. Different clubs have different atmospheres, and they can be fun.
But a LONG break is needed! ; )


  1. Clubs in Toronto are a bit better, I go to a pretty competitive school that doesn't party at all, but at the beginning and end of semesters its fun. Clubs with different rooms for different types of music are awesome because when you get sick of one or it gets too crowded you move to another, and there isn't as much grinding I find.

  2. That's cool. Never been to that type of club. Hmmm... may have to make a trip to Toronto!