Monday, August 24, 2009

Any Suggestions?

I want to start a business.

Not right now, in the future, but I want to start planning.

I have a few ideas of my own, but wanted to get some feedback on what you all followers/readers think would be good, current, and compatible with me.

I know most of you don't know me, but sometimes its good to get those outside unbiased views.

Of course, I like music, love FASHION, and I have a strong interest in the 'business world'.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  1. We're in the same boat! I know that I want to be a business owner, and I love fashion myself. But I also enjoy event planning. So I've been thinking about an event planning business. Maybe you should open a fashion boutique or start a clothing line to showcase your own fashion/style. IDK, or maybe even a fashion consultant business. I know alot of people need a second opinion before they walk out of the house!

  2. Yea, didn't want to open a store b/c its sooo unoriginal... you know. I want something different than the norm, but I'm not knockin it tho! That consulting biz is a good idea tho. Ur right about that!