Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's amazing... the things you learn through networking. While leaving Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this past February in New York, I stopped in the Starbucks that's around the corner from Lincoln Center. I had to get out of the cold long enough to pack up all my freebie odds & ends, and I saw a women going through model/runway pictures on her laptop.

She was obviously one of the many photographers capturing MBFW moments, and I began to chat it up with her about where she'd been that week. She cued me into a new phenomenon in the fashion industry. She told me about the first androgynous model, who was debuted into the high fashion world that week at a show in the tents. I began to think...(Androgyny- the ability to look both masculine & feminine simultaneously) now Tyra has been talking about androgynous models since Top Model began, years ago, so I know this model is NOT the first!

But then, I became aware that the model she was speaking of was actually a male.... So, she was using this word, androgynous, in different context from where my mind was going. And yes, this is news- big news for fashion as I'm concerned. It may actually make it harder for female models to get work. Not only must they compete against all the other females in the game, but now against male equivalents! Wow. Furthermore, males may also have height/weight control in their favor. They, more than likely, won't have breasts, which makes them thinner...

Well, the only thing consistent in life is change! With that being said, I'm not surprised!
Without further ado, I present to you the first "Androgynous" model.

*(Photo Credit: Alisha Petro)
I forgot the name of the model and the show she walked in, but I'll figure it out later & update this post... maybe! But you see how she towers over the other girls in the show... major competition is budding in my opinion!

*In Caption: I will say that Tyra did have a male model compete on Top Model before; I don't think they used the term "androgynous" for her.  I believe this is the first androgynous model to walk at NY fashion week, because we all know she's not the first. But this does show that the androgynous factor is becoming more acceptable in the fashion industry-similar to the 'plus size' model in my opinion.

>Just wanted to share a tidbit of info I picked up while in NY! Thanks for stopping by :)