Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fanny Packs....Ewwww. Or not?

So I guess fanny packs are back.

OMGoodness. I just cringe when I hear or say fanny pack. Such an embarrassing trend of the 90's. As a matter of fact the 90's were just HORRIBLE when it comes to fashion. When people think about the 80's, they may be embarrassed about what they actually wore, but there was some true and daring fashion in the 80's. I love it personally. But the 90's... a mess! The 90's were a time when American style went truly casual. That's when casual Friday's began to really catch on in the workplace. Jeans were everything. American style really lost it's formality.
Back 2 fanny packs...are they back?

Well Louis Vuitton sure thinks so! I don't know how hard this trend is gonna hit, but I hope not too hard. I always flash back to the 90's when my parents took my brother and I to Disney World/Land...the one in Florida! It was a great trip! Every child should have the opportunity to go! However, my memories are tarnished with the thought of my mother wearing her fanny pack in the park. UGHHhhh! LOL. I love her, but that was just embarrassing. Not at the time, but looking back in pictures. I hate it!

Rihanna is rockin it tho. Leave it to her to pull this off, and the LV logo does hurt either! Ri-ri has great style in my opinion. I love that she isn't afraid to take risks. I think she looks great in the photo below. Shoulder pads + fanny pack + Rihanna= great look! Kinda makes me want one, I DARE say!

I just don't know about this. It kinda frightens me. I would hate it if middle-aged women see this trend arising again, and decide that it's ok to bring out their old fanny pack (circa 1993). That would be horrible. We'll see what happens!

On da streetz

Baby Phat edition

IDK what Ms. Amber is wearing. It's also LV. I don't care for it.
Looks convenient tho!


  1. Fanny Packs = ick factor...seriously don't think I'll be rocking one any time soon...Riri can have her fanny pack allll to herself! lol

  2. I have to agree the 90's fashions sucked! LOL I love the one Amber Rose has on...I might need to search this X-mas for one....

  3. MusicGeek...u might be right!! Def got the ICKY-ick factor! I would rock rihanna's look tho...I think! Lol

    Ms. Fashionista...U would love the Amber Rose 1. Lol. I can see u pulling it off tho! Me, I'm good w/o 1! Reminds me of those moms who carry their baby in a sack on their torso...ugh! LOL

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